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Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 01:48 PM
Uncertain Reach of “Jade Helm” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00


Jade Helm 15 is an Eight Week Realistic Military Exercise from July 15 to Sept. 15 to train Special Operations soldiers in all Branches of the Military for Unconventional Warfare on American Soil in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

Nerves are on edge from Texas to Utah as more than 60,000 armed active duty US troops prepare to “invade” public and private land in four western states. The Obama Administration insist that the training exercise is necessary to train troops for future combat assignments.

Skeptics, who distrust the Obama Administration, question why the training can’t be accomplished on the thousands of acres of military bases or other federal land and fear that the exercise is preparation for something more cynical, such as Martial Law.

Southside High School Air Force JROTC Awards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gilbert Scales   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00

14th Annual Armed Forces Day Parade PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gilbert Scales   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00
Blue Ridge High School Air Force JROTC Awards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gilbert Scales   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00
Getting to Know Thy Neighbor PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00

Many of us were told as children that, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” That thought could be expanded to adults with an “ignorant mind,” or more appropriately an “uninformed or misinformed mind.” Any of the above deficiencies are subject to being exploited and manipulated by evil individuals or groups.

The planned “dumbing-down” of a portion of two generations of students by the national government-directed public school system has resulted in the largest number of ignorant, uninformed and misinformed adults in American history. This wholesale ignorance provides a fertile field for leftist college professors, politicians and other evildoers to exploit.

I've Got No STRINGS On Me PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00
SC Freedom Summit Featured 11 Presidential Hopefuls PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00

Event Sponsored by Citizens United and Congressman Jeff Duncan, With Lunch Provided by Tea Party Patriots


Eleven Conservative Republican presidential hopefulls participated in the South Carolina Freedom Summit at the Peace Center, Saturday. Another dozen non-presidential candidates that included members of Congress and Conservative media personalities contributed to the fast-moving event attended by an estimated 2,000 mostly conservative activists.

The event sponsored and hosted by David Bossie, President of Citizens United, and Congressman Jeff Duncan was a well-organized and expertly executed a major production televised from beginning to end by C-SPAN and covered by media from across the nation.

The Summit in Greenville, South Carolina, was the largest political gathering this political season and dominated the television news and conservative talk radio throughout the weekend and into Monday.

In many respects, the success of the Summit demonstrated the popularity, respect, and political power and influence of an incredible Congressman who voted against the Speaker twice but continues to hold three powerful committee assignments.

BJU Holds 88th Commencement PDF Print E-mail
Written by BJU Press Release   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00


More than 700 students were awarded degrees at the 88th annual commencement of Bob

Jones University Fri., May 8.

The two-hour program was held in the Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium.

During the ceremony, BJU conferred 531 bachelor’s degrees, 129 master’s degrees and 50 associate degrees.

Harris Addresses 'Elite' NGU Grads PDF Print E-mail
Written by NGU Press Release   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00


Tigerville, SC – North Greenville University held its spring commencement ceremony in perfect weather in Melvin and Dollie Younts Football Stadium on Thursday, May 7.

Over 4,000 spectators watched approximately 300 undergraduates and graduates receive their diplomas. Interim Executive Director for the South Carolina Baptist Convention Dr. Richard Harris was the keynote speaker.

“You graduates are a very elite group. This is a big deal,” said Harris. “You are graduating from North Greenville University, one of the finest Christian universities in America.”

“In the world’s population, only 6.7% have a university degree of any kind. In America, only 19% have bachelor’s degrees, 8% have master’s degrees, and only 2% have doctorate degrees,” said Harris.

Harris referenced Hebrews 12, which commands us to strip off everything that hinders us from fixing our eyes upon Jesus.

Burdick Awarded Scholarship By NGU PDF Print E-mail
Written by NGU Press Release   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00

$14,000 Scholarship Awarded After Scholarship Competition


Tigerville, SC – Sloan Burdick, a senior at Powdersville High School, has been awarded the Trustee Scholarship by North Greenville University. She was chosen to receive the scholarship on the basis of her academic achievement, school, church, and community involvement.

She interviewed and competed for the Trustee Scholarship during Scholarship Interview Day at North Greenville University on February 12, 2015.

Fred Maus Wins Senior Olympic Gold Medal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00


Fred Maus of Travelers Rest won the Gold Medal and the Senior Olympic’s 50 Meter Dash at Wade Hampton High School recently. Maus placed 2nd in the 40 Meter Dash. The age group for the Gold Medal was 85-89. Maus, a patriot who served in the US Marines, will celebrate his 86th birthday next month.

Will the United States Have Another Honest Election? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00

There has been a lot of real and alleged fraud and cheating in recent elections. In fact, it goes back at least to the Kennedy – Nixon race where it is quite well-documented that the Mafia was engaged to deliver West Virginia and possibly other states to Kennedy.

ACORN was one of the specialized organizations that was involved in delivering votes to President Obama, using a variety of alleged fraudulent methods. In a few states the allegations of fraud were investigated and prosecuted. Voter fraud in Greenville County was allegedly reported to the State and no action was taken.

South Carolina has no system for checking for duplicate voting between counties and states.

The Presidential election set for November 2016 is the most important election in our lifetime. I believe this to be true and so do many others who are paying attention and care about the future of our Republic.

Protecting Free Speech PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Varvel   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00
Furman Hosts ROTC Commissioning Ceremony PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gilbert Scales   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00
Growth of “Big Tent” Theme of SC GOP Convention PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 00:00

Governor Lashed out at Lawmakers, Asked for Help


Matt Moore, Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, who was reelected with only token opposition, boasted that more Republicans were elected in the last election cycle than ever before. This was labeled the party’s greatest accomplishment.

Several other party leaders trumpeted this achievement. Officially, all is well in the South Carolina Republican Party.

Only last minute challengers and their supporters held opposing views. Mark Powell candidate for chairman and Michelle Wiles, candidate for First Vice Chair were Conservatives before the standards were lowered and everyone with an R following their name can qualify to wear the Conservative label.

South Carolina’s open primary system and “Big Tent” Republican advocacy has tragically rendered the Republican brand virtually meaningless to those outside the Party organization.

Rep. Chumley, Confederate Memorial Service Speaker PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 00:00

“Lets Stand up for what is Right and Never Back Down”


The Honorable William “Bill” Chumley was the speaker at the Confederate Memorial Day Service at Springwood Cemetery in Greenville, Sunday, May 2nd.

The annual Confederate Memorial Day service is sponsored by the 16th Regiment, SC Volunteers, Camp 36SCV, and the Museum and Library of Confederate History owned and operated by the Camp.

The annual memorial service is part of the obligation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that was given to the Sons and future generations of their children by Lieutenant General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General , United Confederate Veterans in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1906. The charge stated:

New State of the Art Facility for Keller Williams PDF Print E-mail
Written by Press Release   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 00:00

Largest Real Estate Company in North America has a brand new home in Greenville SC


Keller Williams Greenville Upstate has moved to a new state of the art 15,000 square foot office at 403 Woods Lake Road. This sizable space was built to accommodate the explosive growth of the Keller Williams Airport Road office, part of the Largest Real Estate Company in North America.

Keller Williams is an industry leader in training and technology with the insight that Real Estate is a local business done by local agents. This new state of the art facility includes a dedicated fiber network offering the best online access for agents and staff, while ensuring the best online interaction with our customers and clients.

Gowdy Requests Follow-Up Information On Spartanburg Refugee Resettlement Program PDF Print E-mail
Written by Press Release   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 00:00

Washington, DC, May 4th – Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) today sent a letter to the State Department, requesting additional information on plans for a refugee resettlement in Spartanburg.

Please see text of the letter below:


The Honorable John Kerry
Secretary U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Kerry,

Thank you for your response to my April 13, 2015, letter. This issue continues to be important to my constituents, and as their representative in Congress, it remains my job to get complete answers to the legitimate questions raised.

Toward that end, parts of your Agency’s response lacked sufficient specificity. In an ongoing effort to better understand the process and public impact of the proposed resettlement of refugees in Spartanburg pursuant to the resettlement agency’s proposal, several follow-up questions are listed below. I appreciate your prompt, substantive, and specific responses.

Destroying the U.S. Military PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 00:00

President Lyndon Johnson and the Democrat Congress almost destroyed the United States Military during and following the Vietnam War. The military  barely survived the single term of Jimmy Carter. He was the worst Commander-in-Chief ever until Obama. It took eight years of wise leadership by President Ronald Reagan to bring the dead fighting machine back to life.

The Clinton’s took their toll on the military and George W. Bush, at great expense in funds and lives, breathed life back into the fighting machine once more.

Carter was incompetent and Clinton was expedient. Bill and Hillary openly “loathed the military,” however “Slick Willie” wanted to be popular and declaring war on the military does not engender love from the public. Therefore, his dismantling of the Department of Defense slowed.

“Remember when Republicans Opposed Tax Increases?” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 29 April 2015 00:00

Ashley Landess gives Republican Women bad news about State Government


Ashley Landess, President of the South Carolina Policy Council, was the guest speaker at the April luncheon of the Greenville County Republican Women’s Club.

The Policy Council is a non-profit, nonpartisan research organization that has worked diligently to collect data that exposes fraud and corruption in South Carolina Government.

It was the Policy Council that provided the Attorney General with information that ultimately led to the removal of House Speaker Bobby Harrell from office.

It was the Policy Council that led the way in forcing the legislature to record votes and make them available to the public.

Greenville County Honors Teresa and Clark Gray PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 29 April 2015 00:00

Terea-clark-gray-1Teresa Gray, a former librarian at League Academy, has been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is attacking her throat and voice.

Teresa’s son, Clark, is a student at Eastside High School and a lifeguard trained and employed by Greenville County Rec.

On Christmas Eve, Teresa began choking and turned blue. But thanks to his training , Clark knew the Heimlich maneuver and calmly and bravely stepped up and saved his mother.


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