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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 05:13 AM
Mike Scruggs' Column
Robert E. Lee PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 06 January 2016 00:00

Gallant Soldier, Noble Patriot, True Christian

January 19 will mark the 209th anniversary of the birth of Robert E. Lee in 1807, one of the most respected and revered military leaders in American history. That respect and reverence extends over most of the world wherever military leadership is studied. Lee’s birthday is an official state holiday in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida. It was also an official Georgia holiday until this year, when it will become an optional holiday. Other Southern states honor Lee during Confederate Memorial Day (NC, SC, KY, and LA), Lee-Jackson Day (VA), and Decorations Day (TN) during the year. Several states combine the celebration of Lee’s birthday with the birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s birthday in January.

Obama’s “Syrian” Refugee Resettlement Plans Breath-Taking Costs Exceeding $257,481 per Household PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 11 November 2015 00:00

Unacceptable Waste and Horrific Dangers

Both the Heritage Foundation and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) have weighed in on the enormous costs of President Obama’s plans to permanently settle 200,000 Middle Eastern refugees in the United States during  2016 and 2017.  Several thousand have already arrived, and at least 10,000 more are scheduled to arrive during the balance of 2015.  Although thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians are being massacred or enslaved by ISIS, few of these refugees are Christians, and only about half are Syrians fleeing ISIS. So far, 97 percent of the refugees settled in the U.S. have been Sunni Muslims. Approximately the same percentages are true for the massive columns of refugees moving through Europe, most of them headed for Germany or Sweden, where social-welfare benefits are the most generous. They are coming from all over the Middle East and Africa, with substantial numbers coming from Libya, Afghanistan, and Somalia, as well as Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. It is of some concern that 70 to 80 percent of these refugees are military age males. The U.S. FBI has already testified to Congress that they are unable to vet them and only reject about 10 percent. President Obama is urging them to expedite vetting. The same situation on vetting seems to be the rule in Europe.

Trump Plans Crack Down on Muslim Immigration PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 00:00

Most Other 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Silent

The mainstream media including Fox have apparently not noticed that in Trump’s five-page immigration plan he intends to cut down on immigration from Middle East countries posing a terrorist risk. This includes at least Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and so-called refugees from Iraq and Syria. In fact, Trump plans to increase overall fiscal scrutiny and security measures on our much abused asylum and refugee programs. He is particularly concerned with President Obama’s un-vetted surge of Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Although severe persecution and slaughter of Christian and other non-Muslim minorities in ISIS-held parts of Syria and Iraq is raging, few of Obama’s refugees are Christian or other religious minorities. Trump has also been sounding the alarm about Christian persecution worldwide, but the most egregious cases have been in predominantly Muslim nations or regions.

The Clash of Civilizations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 19 August 2015 00:00

The Muslim Immigration Dilemma for the West

In 1992, Harvard professor Samuel Huntington gave a lecture entitled, “The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order.” In 1993, Huntington published the essentials of this lecture as an article in Foreign Affairs. His book by the same name followed in 1996. Huntington’s theory was that nations were already beginning to reorganize relationships and loyalties around cultural rather than primarily ideological and economic factors and that future conflicts would center around clashes of culture. At center stage, once dormant Islam, now blessed with enormous oil wealth, was becoming resurgent Islam, renewing its centuries-old militant religious-ideological based cultural drive for world dominance. Huntington stated:

Will Taking Down Confederate Flags Promote Social Peace? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Scruggs   
Wednesday, 08 July 2015 00:00

Of Course Not

Will taking down Confederate flags promote social peace or racial healing? How long would a peace based on suppression of a people’s cherished heritage last?  How long would a peace built upon suppressing the memory, valor, and virtue of the revered forebears of a great number of the Southern people last?  What could possibly be a surer cause of immense strife, bitterness, and economic and political turmoil?  Does anyone outside of a madhouse believe that peace and prosperity can be achieved by discarding the heritage of a numerous people to gain the political favor of another?  It is more likely to shatter all hope of peace.  Can a society set itself against tolerance and mutual respect and have peace? No fair-minded person can accept such corrupt reasoning.


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