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Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 05:26 PM
Donald J. Trump Addressed Terrorism, Immigration, and National Security PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald J. Trump   
Wednesday, 15 June 2016 00:00

“I want to protect our citizens – all of our citizens.”

DonaldTrump_Page-01This was going to be a speech on Hillary Clinton and how bad a President, especially in these times of Radical Islamic Terrorism, she would be.

Even her former Secret Service Agent, who has seen her under pressure and in times of stress, has stated that she lacks the temperament and integrity to be president.

There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss these important issues at a later time, and I will deliver that speech soon.

But today there is only one thing to discuss: the growing threat of terrorism inside of our borders.

The attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was the worst terrorist strike on our soil since September 11th, and the worst mass shooting in our country’s history.

So many people dead, so many people gravely injured, so much carnage, such a disgrace.

Sparks Flew During Loyalty Test PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 00:00


The Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution approving a three-part test to determine party loyalty. Candidates present at the meeting who were invited to speak were the first to be asked the test questions which were: have you ever registered as a Democrat; have you ever voted for a Democrat and have you ever donated to a Democrat (within the last 15 years). Chairman Chad Groover had just announced that vetting was a simple yes/no based on an honest policy with no policing or enforcement because of limits on time to investigate. The first candidate to speak, Stacey Kuper, County Council Candidate District 21 responded to the first question with a “no” and was immediately interupted by 1st Vice Chairman Nate Leupp who appeard to be reading from his cellphone that Kuper had indeed been registered as Democrat in the State of Florida.

GOP Resolution Condemned Gender Identity Overreach in Public Schools PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 00:00

The Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee Insist that Governor Haley and Attorney General Alan Wilson “Fervently Reject the Redefinition of Gender in Title IX Concerning Locker Rooms and Gender Segregated Areas in South Carolina Public Schools.”


A Resolution was proposed by Executive Committeeman Anthony Gilliard representing Fox Chase Precinct at the June Committee meeting, to pressure Governor Nikki Haley and Attorney General Alan Wilson to reject the federal government overreach regarding the redefinition of Gender in Title IX concerning the locker rooms and gender segregated areas in public schools in South Carolina.

The issue of individuals deciding what gender they want to be rather than the determination at birth based on anatomy, is becoming a serious controversy stoked by the Obama Administration and accepted by elected officials of all stripes who fear engaging in politically incorrect controversy.

Wendy Nanney Gets Endorsement from SC House Speaker PDF Print E-mail
Written by Thomas C. Hanson   
Wednesday, 25 May 2016 00:00


South Carolina House Speaker Jay Lucas endorsed Rep. Wendy Nanney in her reelection bid for House District 22. The event took place Thursday night at the home of Tom and Pat Stultz. From left: SC House Majority Leader Bruce Bannister; Tim Nanney, Greenville County register of deeds; Rep. Wendy Nanney; and House Speaker Jay Lucas.

Great Danger in Accepting Grants from HUD PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 00:00

John Anthony gives three common delusions Public Officials believe to fool themselves into thinking HUD grants are still OK

JohnAnthony-1The Obama Administration is using greedy and gullible government officials to gain control of private property and dictate where citizens live and who their neighbors will be.

“Sustainable Development and regionalism are steamrolling communities across America,” John Anthony told a small group of citizens and county officials in Greenville, South Carolina recently. “They strip away property rights, diminish local rule and infringe on our ability to own land free and clear.”

The turnout of elected officials was disappointing to Diane Hardy, who had arranged the briefing for County officials and attorneys over the reported “reluctance” of Council Chairman Dr. Bob Taylor who did not attend the briefing.

The speaker urged caution in accepting HUD’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) grants. He explained that  new rules “turns grant money into a legal liability that pits community members against one another and decimates local authority.”

Anthony explained that many jurisdictions are so accustomed to accepting grant money, even when faced with the loss of local control over zoning and land use, their officials try to rationalize why they will not be affected.

SC GOP Convention Acknowledges Trump as Probable Party Leader PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 11 May 2016 00:00

Lt. Governor Henry McMaster and State GOP Chairman Matt Moore Host Trump Unity Breakfast for Convention Delegates

Delegates attending the South Carolina Republican Convention were welcomed by Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster  at a Donald Trump Campaign Unity Breakfast. McMaster and SC Republican Party Executive Committee Chairman Matt Moore were featured speakers at the Unity Breakfast.

Governor Nikki Haley was the featured speaker at the convention. Congressman Joe Wilson was the only member of congress present. In fact, only 496 of the 870 delegates to the convention showed up to vote for national delegates and for the national Committeeman and Committeewoman.

Governor Haley discussed her accomplishments as Governor and challenges that continue to face the State Government.

Obama Moving Suburbanites to Cities, Urbanites to Suburbs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Dill, Publisher   
Wednesday, 04 May 2016 00:00

Greenville County Council Will Be Told To Get Ready,It Is Coming. The Wednesday Briefing Is Open To The Public

The Times Examiner has been informing readers about the dangers of United Nations Agenda 21 that has been embraced and quietly implemented by presidents of both political parties. Agenda 21, when fully implemented will eliminate private property ownership and control every aspect of human life according to the wishes of environmental wackos and other leftists.

Taxpayer advocate Butch Taylor kept elected officials informed on Agend 21 for almost two decades. Citizen activist Diane Hardy has taken a leading role in exposing AFFH to public officials and their constituents.

President Obama is using his final years in office to implement a program called HUD/AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) Regulation.


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