The Battle for Historical Perspective

Why does a war that ended more than a generation ago matter today?  The answer is:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Israel—the entire Middle East— North Korea, growing Chinese power, and resurgent Russian ambition. There are important lessons to be learned from the Vietnam War, but most of the mainstream media and academia got them wrong during the war and still have them wrong today. Consequently, our political leaders are vulnerable to repeating the same tragic mistakes that led to 58,000 American dead and the abandonment of South Vietnam and Cambodia to a Soviet sponsored and equipped invasion by the North Vietnamese Army in 1975.  As a result, over three million innocent South Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians were brutally murdered, starved to death, or drowned in the South China Sea trying to escape Communist oppression. Millions of others would be abandoned to cruel tyranny and economic misery.

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Mike Scruggs