I have often wondered how the Confederate Flag came to be fashioned as it is. Long before the Confederate Battle Flag, the "southern cross" was adopted by the Confederacy as her Battle Flag, the X shaped cross, previously known as "Andrew's Cross." The letter X dates back to the early days of Christianity, where the Greeks designated X as the letter "chi" in their alphabet, which has been used to represent the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was a Symbol of Glory that ancient warrior forefathers would paint the symbol of Andrew's Cross on their shields and carried the symbol into battle in the last of the Roman-Celtic wars and were said to scream the "Rebel Yell" when entering into conflict.

In the 1800's, about 75 percent of Southerners were either Scots or Scot-Irish and as the southern drawl, the Confederate Battle Flag was based on the national flag of Scotland, the cross of Andrew, which has been used as a symbol of Christianity. The Confederate Battle flag has been called the "Southern Cross," and appears to have been adopted consciously, purposefully, deliberately and premeditatedly, to display faith in the Lord of Heaven.

This should be no surprise, because the Confederate Constitution directly recognized the sovereignty of God, "We the people of the Confederate States invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Confederate States of America." The Confederate States motto, Deo Vindice, means, "God will vindicate."

In April of 1863, 98 ministers of the Gospel from Dixie signed a document entitled "An Address to Christians Throughout the World." It was intended to explain the cause of the South in the war of northern aggression. James Armstrong Duncan was the principle author and pointed out the principle number of Generals in the Confederacy were members of the Church and believers in Christ; Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis and so forth. It is reported when General Lee was asked about his exploits against overwhelming odds from the north, his reply was: "I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner trusting in Christ alone for salvation." I have ever read that Union General, Grant never made such a statement.

Stonewall Jackson had so many preachers on his staff that some wrote that "Jackson's brass" could staff a first-rate seminary. The Union counterpart, General Sherman remarked that he left a bloody trail of torched civilian homes, slaughtered children, and raped women everywhere he went.

Historian E. Merton Coulter gives a record of the revival services that took place in the confederate camps each night during the 1863-1864 campaigns in Northern Virginia.

The Confederate States chose Andrew's cross as their Battle Flag, because as Christians, they desired a testimony to the Union Army that the Confederates believed God and wanted a Christian Republic. To this day, the Confederate Flag is the only National Flag on North American soil that contains a Christian symbol. Does this give a little added light concerning why the battle flag is despised by so many? The Confederate flag is a Christian symbol, representing freedom from tyranny, which infidels and tyrants despise.

Why must the flag be attacked and destroyed? For that matter, why are Confederate symbols, monuments and heritage defamed, destroyed and derided? If allowed to stand, a younger generation might inquire into the origin and meaning of our symbols, and begin to question the politically correct myths and propaganda ruining our country today. By understanding, we might actually begin to stand for the principles our forefathers fought for, which would cause a real problem for the current Socialist, humanist agenda.

The Confederate flag waves as a testimonial to the southern heroes, our forbears, who yearned and fought for limited, constitutional government and individual liberty. It stands as a true symbol of patriotism, dedicated to family and a willingness to suffer and die, if need be, in defense of the South and its Christian culture.

The red field denotes nautical prowess, boldness, courage and valor. The white, purity, innocence and gentleness. The blue shield represents justice and faith, perseverance and vigilance. Although secular historians maintain the stars represent the 13 states of the confederacy, some southern theologians have asserted the stars represent the biblical order Jehovah commanded the Israelites to camp around the Tabernacle, with three tribes to the North, East, South and West, with Levi in the middle.

"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein." (Jeremiah 6:16). We need to keep our symbols, defend their principles and make application to our daily lives.