What are the people who said, “it can’t happen here” saying now? The past ten days have been a nightmare for Conservative Christian Americans especially and other Americans who are alert and paying attention.

We have been informed somewhat backhanded that ISIS killers are everywhere and could kill military personnel, their dependents, police or civilians during the Independence Day Holiday weekend. Whether you are attacked by an exploding pressure cooker of a crazed killer with a knife or a portable nuclear weapon, you will be dead.

With all the evil being generated officially by our government, is there any wonder that even the sharks have become demonic and have begun eating people more frequently.

The Supreme Court once again created law and saved Obamacare with its higher taxes, higher premiums, rationed care and death panels. We now know that insurance companies and large consolidated hospital systems and drug companies were partners in the scheme and will benefit financially as partners with the government. Members of Congress knew this and that is probably why Republicans have mounted only token opposition to the Affordable Care Act. The system is brilliantly rigged against the American consumer of medical supplies and services. Americans have purchased with their money and votes their own destruction.

The court played God and redefined marriage, making homosexual marriage mandatory in all fifty states. Most Americans are not interested in homosexual activities as long as it doesn’t interfere with them. What is dangerous about this law created from thin air by the court is that Christian ministers may be forced to conduct weddings for same-sex couples. This would be in violation of their Biblical belief.

If past behavior is any basis for future actions, radical homosexuals will demand that Bible-believing Christians perform same-sex marriages. When they refuse, they will be sued and ultimately this will force churches to abandon their Biblical beliefs or go underground as they have done in China and other totalitarian countries.

There may be a legal way to avoid pastors being forced to act against their Biblical beliefs. Marriage is regulated by the State. Churches could refrain from performing the legal function as an agent for the state. That would be a secular function. The people wanting to get married would sign the license and have a notary or equivalent approved by the state to sign the legal document that is currently signed by pastors in a church wedding.

The church could perform a Biblical wedding totally separate from the state for Christian men and women who have already met the requirements of the state. This should avoid any chance for a lawsuit by individuals who wish to use the homosexual marriage issue to destroy churches or individuals.

If that was not enough, Governor Haley saw an opportunity to make history and get propelled to the national vice presidential arena. All she had to do was join with President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and a multitude of other opportunists, including elected officials, to trash the memory of thousands of South Carolina dirt farmers who are honored by their proud descendants.

Most Confederate Soldiers, especially from the Upstate, who fought with General Lee under the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia never owned a slave and would never have risked their lives for the right of large plantation owners in the low country to keep their slaves.

It is unfortunate that our Governor and legislative majority do not see that they are being played for fools just as many former slaves were played for fools by politicians for the past 150 years.

May God grant us wisdom to seek truth, do right and flee from evil.


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