All the resources and persuasive powers of the Republican Party power brokers are being employed to force Donald Trump from the presidential primary lineup. This is implementation of a planned strategy to ensure the preferred candidate of the party leaders is the winner. It is a dangerous game worthy of the Obama regime, and could split the party and elect a socialist dictator at a most critical time.

Prior to the RNC/FOX News debate last week, Trump was polling about 20 percent nationwide and 30 percent in South Carolina. Many if not most of these voters are very patriotic Americans, very concerned about the future of their Constitutional republic and do not trust the RNC to choose a candidate to uphold the constitution or even defeat the Democrat candidate.

These voters will not change their views if Trump is forced from the candidate lineup. Many will not vote for a candidate who has joined the attack on Trump, whether deserved or not. Ted Cruz is most likely to pick up Trump supporters should he drop out.

The greatest danger is the nomination of another moderate candidate for president. The RNC has lost so much credibility among the Republican base that they can no longer count on conservatives to vote for a liberal or moderate candidate just because they have no other place to go. They are angry and fed up. They will vote for a third party candidate or stay home. It could be the end of the GOP and a disaster for the country. Pray that it does not happen.

The moderate wing of the GOP was terrified by the rise of the TEA Party movement, as were the Democrats.

The Chamber of Commerce and businesses benefiting from cheap labor would be happy and the Democrats with millions of new voters dependent on government handouts would be handed perpetual rule over the American people.

Then along came billionaire Donald Trump, who ignored the RNC and appealed directly to the people, tapped into the issues that the RNC favored candidates would not touch. He talked about the need to seal the border, deal with murderers and rapists who are convicted and released to repeat their crimes.  He talked about incompetent politicians botching important trade and defense decisions. He is a crude, ruthless New Yorker who enters contests only to win, and never walks away from a challenge or personal insult without responding.

The questions asked Trump at the debate were designed to attack his vulnerabilities and make him angry. It worked. He stepped in the trap and lashed out. His reaction was supported by some voters and resented by others. Only time will tell how it impacts future polling.

Beginning at the last Republican National Convention in Florida, delegates experienced the forecast of things to come. Conservatives were prevented from entering the convention hall for important votes. Rules were imposed that granted dictatorial powers to the RNC regarding the future selection of convention delegates and primary candidates.

FOX News has been both praised and scolded for their conduct of the first 2015 Republican Party Presidential Primary Debate. The 9 p.m. version with the 10 candidates drew some 24 million viewers. The 5 p.m. debate drew many fewer viewers. But still a large number for a “drive-time” audience.

The entire 2026 Presidential Election is in question. If the Justice Department will do their duty, Hillary Clinton could be charged with criminal conduct regarding handling of classified information. Should this happen, President Obama will probably pick a presidential candidate to his liking. It all depends on whether President Obama wants to protect Hillary or “throw her under the bus.”

No one knows what Trump will do.  He could stick it out to the end. Should he make it to the end, he could be a major problem for the RNC. The nightmare scenario would be if Trump becomes so angry with the RNC and FOX that he becomes the candidate for the Democrats.

Finally, there is the question of whether we will even have a presidential election. President Obama has his phone and pen and is fully capable of canceling the election for a variety of reasons if it will further his agenda.

Seriously, this is what can happen to a nation that has been blessed by God and chooses to violate his laws and deny His existence.

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