The Islamic slaughter of more then 130 innocent people in Paris, Friday night, has Americans suddenly concerned about safety. We know from the days before Obama (BO) and extreme political correctness that it is the “truth that sets men free.” Therefore, if we are to have victory over and freedom from the various Islamic terrorist organizations, we must know the truth about who they are, what motivates them and their ultimate goals.

The origin of this conflict goes back to Genesis in the Old Testament. Abraham failed to obey God and fathered a son “Ishmael” by his wife’s maid. He was banished from the family when a legitimate son “Isaac” was born to Abraham and his wife Sarah. Ishmael became the father of the Muslims and Isaac the father of the Jews. There is much more to the story in the book of Genesis.

Islam does not believe in “separation of church and state.” Islam is the religion and the state. They are one and the same. Islam is the military. It is the education system. It is the judge, jury and executioner. Most of all, it is the enemy of all who are not their brand of Islam.

It is essential to understand that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. Spiritual discernment is helpful to understand who the enemy is and how to defeat it. The war is raging between followers of the Koran and all who do not follow the Koran.

We are told that the terrorists are a spin-off bad segment of Islam. Reformed Muslims insist that the terrorists are the true believers of the Koran and that the “moderate” members of Islam are the people who do not follow the literal teachings of the Koran, but are sympathetic to the terrorist goals.

The president and other government officials are lying to the American people about the dangers we face. His top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is an alleged Iranian Muslim. The CIA Director is an alleged converted Muslim.

The FBI may be the only federal government agency that does not have Muslims in key positions influencing policy decisions. People in federal agencies that are supposed to protect the American people are not allowed to say that the terrorists are all part of Islam. Federal employees are not permitted to label acts of terror as such or to link them to Islam. Insiders predict that the United States will not go all out to defeat ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood as long as Obama is in office. The other nations will not be successful without American leadership and support. That means that individual Americans will be responsible for their own security for the next 15 months.

The refugees being brought into this country and supported by gullible, misinformed and deceived members of Christian churches include potential ISIS killers that have infiltrated the refugee groups. The FBI director has said we do not know who these people are and don’t have the capability to determine their origins or motives. They are being brought in by the Obama Administration and states have signed on to accept them. The only defense we have is at the county level. It will take grass roots pressure to get Greenville County to become factually informed and take action to keep potential terrorists out.

Whether we like it or not, we are at war. The spiritual war is between the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the false god of Islam. The physical war is between the believers and followers of the Koran and those who refuse to convert to Islam. ISIS leaders and members are believers of the literal teachings of the Koran. They will enslave or kill all that refuse to convert to Islam.

If our republic survives to hold a free and honest election in November 2016, the American people must select and elect a President who will take a hard line against Islam and provide the global leadership to expose Islamic terrorists for who they are and destroy them and their will to fight.

This is a matter of life and death for the current generation and the future of our children and grandchildren. The longer President Obama is allowed to delay victory over Islamic terrorists, the more American blood will be shed and lives lost. We could face a massive attack any day. We are not prepared or permitted to prevent or stop it.

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