There is no denying that Rush Limbaugh is a great communicator when it comes to creating illustrations that highlight an important point in logical, understandable terms.

I only hear his program on Tuesdays most weeks as I journey to Laurens and back to Greenville. Last Tuesday he came up with the “four corners (or pillars) of deceit” that have perpetuated the man-made global warming myth, the colossal “big lie” that has made Al Gore and other environmental “wackos” wealthy, and is the basis for a massive seizure of power and transfer of wealth that is about to destroy our constitutional republic and the last vestige of freedom in the world.

The Limbaugh illustration came in the wake of the posting of more than one-thousand emails and 72 documents on the internet by a hacker that exposed the massive global warming pseudo-science hoax as a fraud fabricated by pseudo-scientists and perpetuated by the four pillars of deceit: government, academia, science and media. Faced with undeniable facts, the pillars of deceit are having a hard time refraining from acknowledging that their fraud has been exposed, however they are managing to ignore the facts, at least for the moment.

Lord Christopher Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, was first to warn Americans that their president was planning to attend the Copenhagen summit and sign a climate change treaty or a forerunner to it, leading to the undermining of the US Constitution, has made additional comments on the situation.

More recently, Lord Monckton said the elitists running the climate change scam and threatening to shut down economies, bankrupt nations and deepen the problems of the third world by implementing draconian policies in the name of global warming, such as Al Gore, should be indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned “for a very long time.”

The information exposing the fraud came from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, the scientific arm of the United Nations climate change department. It is remarkable that the expose’ came to light just weeks before the global Copenhagen Climate Change Summit where President Obama is expected to agree to a “strong operating agreement” that will be a stepping stone to a “legally binding treaty.”

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center in Warrenton, VA, has proposed a petition to be sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The petition list 6 reasons for opposing the Climate Change Treaty being considered in Copenhagen later this month.

• There is now renewed debate over whether man has caused climate change. The science is not settled, making it much too early to even consider such a treaty. This treaty ignores the science.

• The treaty will create an international bureaucracy with the authority to regulate American energy use – that is a violation of our independence and sovereignty.

• The treaty creates a global tax scheme that will cost this nation billions of dollars, putting American taxpayer dollars into the hands of the UN.

• By signing and ratifying this treaty the United States will be accepting legal financial responsibility to support non-developed nations forever.

• This treaty is a major step in creating global government through the United Nations, using environmental protection as the excuse.

• Your oath of office demands that you protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Ratification of the Climate Change Treaty is a clear violation of that oath.

While attempting to replace the Creator of the Earth and all that is in it, the climate control operatives in the four pillars of deceit have deceived themselves. By assuming the role of God and claiming to control  climate change, they deny His existence and power to control His Creation.

If Biblical history is any predictor of the future, a just God will not tolerate such behavior for long without pouring out His wrath on the nations.

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