On the eve of the California Primary, Donald Trump already has enough delegates to be called the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee. He is clearly the anti-establishment candidate that was unintentionally created by the establishment, or at least, his campaign was made easier by the arrogant bullying tactics of establishment Republicans and aggressive young RINOs seeking political favor with the establishment.

The situation in each state was obviously somewhat different; however, the outcome was the same. Donald Trump used the establishment plan to steam-roll and ultimately defeat the establishment and their candidates.

The Establishment party hacks’ manipulation of the South Carolina Republican Party and the Greenville County Republican Party are classic examples of how the Establishment scheme was supposed to work.

On paper for the record, South Carolina has a “Conservative” Republican Governor and Republican majority in the State House and Senate. If one compares the South Carolina Republican Party Platform to the legislative record, it will reveal that no Republican Party backed legislation has been passed and signed into law in recent decades. There are many examples. One will suffice for the purpose of this column.

The State Republican Party Platform requires registration by party. State law requires an “open primary” that permits any registered voter, Democrats and all others to vote in Republican Primaries and select the Republican candidates. The so-called Republican majority in the legislature refuses to vote to support the Republican Platform.

Greenville County Republicans using private funds filed a suit in federal court to force the Legislature and the Election Commission to allow Republicans to select their own candidates as is done in many other states. On the eve of the trial, the state party chairman betrayed Greenville County Republicans whom he had promised to support and the Federal Judge threw out the case because the State party withdrew support.

Shortly after the betrayal, and a shameful display of bias against Greenville County during the State Convention, the South Carolina Republican Party Chairman was given a lucrative job in Washington by the RNC.

With aid from the State Party, leadership was changed in the Greenville County Republican Party. Quickly, the most conservative county Republican Party in the state changed. Faithful Conservative activists were forced from the party leadership by various means from “lack of loyalty” allegations to failure to attend a sufficient number of meetings.

As the Presidential Primary approached, The County Chairman and first vice Chairman publicly endorsed the candidacy of Jeb Bush. The remnant of Conservatives remaining in the party leadership was mostly supporting Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Donald Trump Candidacy provided a convenient opportunity for Conservative Republicans to express their extreme displeasure with the national, state and county Republican Party leadership.

Jeb Bush brought his mother and former president, brother to South Carolina where the Bush family had been very popular. South Carolina voters that favored Trump humiliated a startled Bush campaign. They discovered that the party leaders who followed the RNC Party line had few followers. The angry voters trusted Trump to clean house at the RNC and elsewhere.

The open primary system that had given South Carolina Republicans Lindsey Graham as Senator over their objections had benefited Donald Trump and helped give him a whopping victory.

Seeing the voter trends and the popularity of Donald Trump, Establishment Republicans and opportunists are suddenly endorsing Trump. The RNC Chairman who could see his job on the line has endorsed and is suddenly a great Trump supporter. Even our Senator Lindsey Graham has endorsed Trump.

Against all odds, Donald Trump could win the General Election in a landslide and become one of out greatest presidents at a very critical time in the history of our Republic.

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