There are strong indications that the Clinton/Obama political machine intends to steal the presidential election through election fraud. They will be voting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in critical districts as well as convicted felons and duplicate voters. Anyone who interferes or accuses them of fraud will be accused of interfering in voting and possibly jailed. Suits filed against those committing election fraud will be decided after the election when the crooks will have already won the election. The winner will continue to own the FBI and the Department of Justice.
Should election fraud fail to keep the Democrats in power, a dozen organizations of thugs and leftist anarchists are in place to create sufficient chaos to justify the president declaring Martial Law and determining whether or not there will be elections and under what circumstances. The current attacks on police across the country will likely continue to fester throughout the summer months and result in the takeover of law enforcement by federal agencies at some critical point. There is evidence that supporters of the Democrat Party are behind all of these lawless groups that are being given favor by the Justice Department and other agencies of the government.

The Republican National Convention will kick off next Monday. It is predictable that professional agitators will be on hand to create chaos and possibly worse. In my view there could not be a worse location than Cleveland for the Republicans to gather. There could even be trouble inside the convention as anti-Trump delegates take their last stand.

Senator Ted Cruz has been invited to speak by Donald Trump. It is Cruz delegates that may attempt to deny Trump the nomination. If Trump is nominated, the GOP will never be the same. Should he be denied the nomination, the Republican Party will no longer exist.

Both party conventions will likely receive full TV coverage. Direct TV has designated a channel for gavel to gavel coverage of the Republican Convention. C-SPAN and FOX will likely provide near full coverage.
Trump will have an interesting lineup of speakers that include boxing celebrity Don King, basketball coach Bobby Knight and all adult members of the Trump family.

There are indications of a massive return to God by a segment of the Church. Should that occur, Divine intervention could turn things around. There are many examples of Divine intervention in American history beginning with the American Revolution.
I have never seen so many people sincerely concerned about the direction of the country under President Obama. A 92- year old Marine Corps veteran took the floor at a recent meeting of veterans and urged his fellow veterans to “Pray” and attempt to convince others to vote for the right candidates.

For a republic based on law not men, there has been a total reversal. Good is now considered to be evil by our elected and appointed officials. Evil is good. The Constitution that millions of Americans have sworn to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic is now ignored or intentionally subverted without consequence. Many Americans now distrust the most respected justice system the world has ever known, because it has become a political instrument for social change.

Many Americans believe we are on the verge of anarchy and civil war. President Obama has spent two terms creating racial hatred and ignoring serious threats to the American people. Through ignorance and political ambition, people like our own Governor Haley have contributed to racial strife without realizing what they have done due to ignorance of factual history and their own regional and racial bias.

It is painful to acknowledge, and some refuse to acknowledge, that it is becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is intentionally leading the republic into chaos and anarchy.
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