If Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, much of the credit goes to the National Education Association NEA. The NEA is the largest teacher’s union and a strong advocate for dumbing-down students while indoctrinating them with leftist and degenerate ideas and concepts.

The government schools K-12 soften the children up to be susceptible to brainwashing by undermining what they were taught by parents. Students are taught a humanistic religious belief system that insists that there is no God in control of the affairs of man and that man must control everything, including the weather. Eventually the government becomes a substitute god and must be depended on to provide everything people need. Politicians who promise everything people want, like Hillary Clinton, are the ideal people to run that government.

If students attend college and did not have strong parental guidance, they are likely to become radical leftist activists of the next generation.

Tragically for our nation and for our families, young high school and college graduates know little factual history. Many of the important individuals and events of our history are omitted from the history textbooks. If they don’t know the purpose for the Second Amendment to the Constitution, how can they defend it? This leaves them with no sound basis for making judgments regarding the leaders of their country. Their decisions are based on their emotional evaluation of decidedly biased news reports. People like Hillary Clinton have been parties in crafting the education system and are professionals at manipulating the products of the education system.  

Half of the nation’s high school graduates are said to think favorably of socialism as an acceptable form of government. A majority of women college graduates are said to favor Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

While much emphasis is placed on college educated women supporting Clinton, much more of her support is coming from uneducated, ignorant women who make decisions based on emotional sexist and racial issues.

They voted for Obama because he would be the first “black” president. He was a mixed breed, only half black, but that didn’t seem to matter. At least he looked black and said he was black. Now it is becoming clear that he could have used other qualifications to the benefit of the nation.

These same ignorant, although maybe well-meaning women will vote for Hilary because she will be the first “woman” president. That is as deep as their thinking goes into qualifications necessary for the office.

The dominant media is trying hard to keep voters from learning about alleged criminal activities engaged in by Hillary during her term as Secretary of State. The Clinton and Obama families are pushing early voting before the voters learn much about the alleged criminal activities and corruption that is being revealed and would follow Mrs. Clinton into the White House.

Donald Trump is the first Republican with the knowledge and courage to stand up to the NEA and the corrupt establishment that has controlled both political parties for decades. If elected, Trump and his supporters are committed to “drain the swamp” and get rid of the corruption in Washington. That would impact a lot of corrupt people with a lot of power in Washington and they will do everything within their power to stop him. That is what we are observing now. It is Donald Trump and the people against the largest, most powerful criminal enterprise the world has known. May the people win.

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