Christians in recent weeks across the nation have been praying that God would intervene and derail the Hillary Clinton steamroller speeding toward the presidency. Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt and evil anti-Christian candidate to seek the presidency in American history. Thousands of prayers have been sincerely prayed and God always hears such prayers. Last Friday, these prayers seem to have been answered.

The FBI Director had announced, to the disappointment of conservatives and Christians that all charges against Hillary Clinton had been dropped, Democrats celebrated and Republicans mourned.

Then, this last Friday afternoon the FBI Director announced that he had received new information and he had reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her complex email matters. The Director of the FBI sent a letter to the chairmen and minority leaders of the various congressional committees informing them that the case had been reopened. The Director gave no details. This omission angered the Hillary campaign and their supporters.

The Clinton Campaign is demanding that the Director make all important information released available to the public. The Clinton Campaign, while attempting to appear calm are clearly in a panic mood a week before the election.

The best information available indicates that former Congressman and Democrat sexual degenerate, Anthony Weiner, whose estranged wife is Hillary Clinton’s trusted friend and employee, has turned over his email server to the Feds. His server reportedly contains at least 650,000 emails between Clinton and Mrs. Weiner.

It is believed that classified national secrets are mixed together with crude perverted messages between former Congressman Weiner and young women he had been attempting to impress with sexually immoral pictures. One report alleges that the deviant downloaded his wife’s telephone messages on to his server.

It is believed that this revelation will close the gap between Hillary and Trump in most states. Hillary will firmly hold on to her base of blacks, Hispanics and ignorant white women. There is fear that she will lose some Christian blacks and independent voters who are turned off by the allegations against Trump, claiming that he groped women without their consent.

The gap in poll numbers is closing with Trump taking the lead in some important states. People who know the Clintons and are familiar with their ruthless tactics, predict that the other “shoe will drop” before the election. They plan accusations against Trump that will not permit adequate time to properly respond before the election.

If Clinton should win the election, the United States will have the most corrupt administration in history and the American people will be subjected to constant stress.

Should Trump win the election, the friends of the Clintons and all other anti-Trump elements, including Republican establishment RINO’s will be fighting the new president to prevent him from dismantling the Obama express.

Fasten your seat belts friends and keep your prayers up to date. Regardless of the outcome, there are many speed bumps in the road ahead.

Who knows what evil lurks in the Weiner files.

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