This commentary is being written Sunday night, however it will not be dated until Wednesday, a day after the election. Since we can’t talk about results, we can only speculate on the aftermath of various outcomes.

Donald Trump has promised that if elected, he will “drain the swamp” in Washington, D. C. and his administration will rid the federal government of the “corrupt political class” The corrupt political class includes both Democrats, Republicans and others who feed at the government taxpayer trough. They will do whatever is necessary, legal or otherwise, to maintain their lucrative positions of power and influence.

Trump has also promised to support virtually every part of the Republican Platform, including appointments to the Supreme Court, replace Obamacare, reverse illegal Obama directives, to include a few. Hillary has promised everything. Only the rich will be taxed more. She will provide free college tuition for most students, except the wealthy. She will rebuild the entire infrastructure without raising taxes or increasing the debt.

Hillary has the entire Obama family and much of the administration campaigning for her along with sleazy Hollywood entertainers.  

If legal voters only cast ballots, Trump would likely win; however, President Obama has given the “green light” to illegal aliens.  They were told to vote if they were on American soil and that they would not be punished if caught. North Carolina was forced by a federal court to put people back on the voter rolls that were dead or otherwise unqualified because they had removed them within 90 days of the election. Such actions are taking place across the nation.

Democrats are already anticipating opposition to a Hillary presidency. Dan Rather suggested that Hillary should make nice gestures toward Trump supporters and within a short time they will begin to like and support her.

Trump is warning his supporters that this is their last chance to clean up Washington. He explains that if Hillary gets in the White House, there will be no more chance for a conservative Republican to get elected President.

Should Hillary somehow win the election, I don’t visualize Trump Supporters falling in line and supporting someone they are convinced is a criminal. There certainly will not be peace should Trump win. The liberals inside and outside government would fight him every way possible to protect the programs they have in place.

A final analysis is that regardless of the outcome of the election, there will be reprisals and turmoil during the months ahead that exceeds anything we have experienced in the past.

If Trump becomes president, laws will be enforced. If Hillary wins, there will be selective use of the justice department and other government agencies to punish those individuals the Clinton political hacks decide are their political enemies.
Finally, If Trump does not win, the republic is in serious trouble.

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