The United States is facing sixty days of intense danger as Barack Obama completes his second term after rejection of his policies and of his favored replacement Hillary Clinton. As he traveled around the world making speeches, it was clear that he has not yet come to grips with the reality of this loss.

 Those thousands of Christian individuals who prayed for a Trump victory need to continue praying for a peaceful turnover of power. Virtually all of our enemies will test Obama during the transition period, believing that their chances of success will be less successful when Trump takes office.

Some of the senior people in the Obama Administration are evil and would be happy too see harm come to the President-elect. It is my view that they don’t give a darn about the people or the country, they just want to press their agenda.  
President Barack Obama has two more months in the White House. The win by Donald Trump was a dramatic rejection of everything Obama did in 8 years. He has promised to dismantle Obamacare, seal the southern border and reverse most of the Executive Orders Obama issued.

Obama invited Trump to the White House immediately for a cordial visit. The President-elect was not confrontational, apparently leaving Obama with the impression that he could manipulate him into leaving some of his programs in place.

The reality is that Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America.” He spent eight years dismantling or changing everything important in the country, from the military to the justice system.

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to reverse most of the things Obama has changed and do it early in his administration. He intends to do that and more. Obama has such a large ego that he believes so many Americans love him that they will not allow Trump to dismantle his programs. Obama is also hopeful that he will be able to manipulate Trump into backing off on some of his promises like he believes he did with pre-existing medical conditions and with adult kids staying on their parent’s healthcare policies until age 26.

If and when Obama realizes that he is not going to rescue his legacy, he is likely to react in a drastic manner. There is no one in his administration to keep him from taking drastic actions that could lead to war or domestic riots and insurrection.

The rioters, arsonists, looters and police killers have been rehearsing virtually unobstructed for more than a year. Noting would suit them better than to be turned loose to loot, burn and riot in opposition to President Trump. The Justice Department would do nothing to control the insurrection and local police would be fearful of prosecution if they became aggressively involved.

And don’t forget ISIS, Iran, the Russians, North Korea and the Chinese. Each of whom would like to take advantage of our country in a weak moment. Our military is so poorly equipped that we would not be able to take on but one foe at a time, and, not sustain that for very long.

Without being an alarmist, it might be wise to keep the fuel tanks topped off and a few days groceries in the house ... just in case. The leftists and “terrorists” are not going to slack off on Trump after the inauguration. They will continue to create strife by protesting every change that the new administration attempts.

Finally, Obama and his ilk have left out nation in a precarious situation. We will need divine intervention to fully recover without a lot of bloodshed and suffering.  

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