Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster was the first elected official to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States. South Carolina gave Trump a large victory in the Republican Primary as well as the General Election and smashed the candidacy of Jeb Bush despite the campaigning of his former president brother and his mother in the state. There is little evidence that McMaster had much to do with that victory.

Governor Haley definitely had no influence getting votes for the candidates she endorsed and campaigned for. Certainly her strong criticism and vicious attacks on Donald Trump did not hurt him with South Carolina voters.

McMaster informed The Times Examiner six months ago that he intended to run for Governor at the end of Nikki Haley’s second term. The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States combined with a good measure of luck has greatly enhanced his chances.

The remainder of this column contains a measure of speculation that I believe to be true but cannot prove.

Although he had little to do with it, the Trump team credits Lt. Governor McMaster with the Trump victory in South Carolina, so McMaster was to be offered a job in the administration. There is little doubt that he got the call and instead asked to be made Governor. By moving Haley out of the Governor’s Mansion, Henry could move in for two years without having to campaign for the job. This would give him two years to campaign for his first contested election from the Governor’s Mansion as the incumbent.
Haley was offered an appointment as Ambassador to the United Nations. She quickly accepted. Governor Haley is very unpopular with the Conservative Republicans who elected her in South Carolina. Her real popularity is with the national media, liberal and leftist organizations and the elitist RNC.

Governor Haley’s qualifications for a diplomatic job are based on miles traveled, the offering of lucrative gifts (of taxpayer money) to executives willing to move their companies to South Carolina. Her battle flag “flim-flam scam” encouraged by every leftist organization in the nation endeared her to those who rewrite history.

Not to worry about the appointment, however, Trump will not tolerate incompetence or betrayal. If she performs, the nation will be well served. If she does not, Mr. Trump will not hesitate to announce, “you are fired!”

To many South Carolinians, it is good to get rid of Governor Haley. There will be an opportunity for the new Governor to remedy some of the misdeeds committed by her. For example, she had promised that the battle flag taken from the Confederate Soldiers monument would be displayed in the State Museum Relic Room. She has failed to make any effort to keep that promise. The flag remains in a storage room in a box.

Immediately after a murderer killed a group of people in a Charleston Church, Haley had announced to the world that the cause was the battle flag flying at the soldier’s memorial on the State House Grounds. She signed into law a bill to remove the flag to the Museum Relic Room. Haley was also given credit for the family of the murder victims forgiving the killer, although obscure press reports indicated that some of the same relatives urged a judge to administer the death penalty to the killer. Apparently there was no blanket forgiveness as there were exceptions.

Governor Haley has a more effective propaganda mechine than did Governor David Beasley. He removed the flag from the capitol dome because “God woke him up in the middle of the night and told him to take the flag down.” Beasley was defeated for a second term. Voters were not convinced that Beasley received his instructions from God.

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