Only truth can rescue our constitutional republic from impending peril and destruction brought on by Progressive Democrats in the current administration and congress. Republican leadership at the national level is not blameless in this avoidable situation. They have been a party to some of the decisions promoted by the Socialist and Marxist Progressives over the past decade.

One of the most damaging errors committed by Republicans has been failing to accurately describe the mischief of progressive radicals. Under the presidency of Barrack Obama they are systematically dismantling and destroying the institutions and policies that have made the United States the envy of the world and served as the backbone of American exceptionalism.

The American people have historically made the correct decisions when provided truth and factual information. They are not getting truth from either political party in Washington, D. C. Without truth we will lose the battle to save our republic and remain a free people with a high standard of living.

Republicans have no credibility when they oppose Obama Administration “jobs” policies by saying they are not as good as Republican proposals. The truth is that Obama promised to fundamentally change our Constitutional Republic. The people he was addressing when he made the promises, and is representing, are Marxists who supported the defeat of the U. S. by the U.S.S.R. and overthrowing the government by violent means in the 1960s.  The same Progressive radicals have now taken total control of the once great Democrat Party and are systematically destroying the miraculous bastion of freedom that has successfully resisted communist world domination for more than half a century.

Many well-meaning people are duped by the liberal progressive manipulation of words and definitions. “Progressive” is a positive sounding word and is used by some politicians who want to be thought of as up-to-date, modern and forward-looking. They don’t realize that the term has been used since the days of Woodrow Wilson by Liberals, Socialists and Marxists to deceive the gullible and ignorant among us.

Conservative Americans must not allow themselves to be deceived as have our fellow Americans of African origin since 1865. The Radical Republicans of that era kept the former slaves under control through the Freedman’s Bureau and other organizations by threats and promises of “forty acres and a mule.” When the political winds shifted and segregationists took over the Democrat Party in the South, a backlash brought segregation of the races and laws to control the former slaves.

After 60 years of unprecedented progress toward racial equality, including the election of a president with an African father with many white votes, there are major efforts to control and manipulate the great, great grandchildren of these former slaves.

White agitators are telling Black leaders that the motivation of T-Party people is “racism” and the purpose of voter ID laws are to “intimidate black citizens and prevent them from voting.” Citizens who do not conform will be punished and those who conform will be promised more than can be delivered. History repeats itself for those who do not know history. Many African-Americans no longer believe the promises of “forty acres and a mule.” How many will think and act independently is yet to be seen.

Black families have been badly hurt by the policies of the Obama Administration. In order to keep the voting block together, and prevent independent thought and action, “Leaders” will use all the deceptive and coercive racial and economic tools that “Progressives” have used successfully since 1865.

If Republican candidates wish to have credibility with patriotic Americans who know what is going on in the world, they must seek, find and rely on truth, even when it hurts, and seek divine guidance in application of that truth if they hope to prevail over evil.

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