Sales of VARSITY’s Bible In Stories Leads to Summer Success for Students

Vacations, internships, making money, and ministry in the summer are areas that concern college students. I happen to be one of those college students. About two years ago I decided to chase my dream of going to graduate school. My first question was typical, How am I going to pay for college? My dad pastored a small church, and I was pretty broke. The stories are countless of college students who are unable to return to school or drowning in debt upon graduation, and I did not want to be one of those stories.

In 2008, and especially in 2009, many typical summer opportunities were already filled by the unemployed and had become harder and harder to find for college students. I desired to find a purposeful, productive, and profitable summer program where I could not only earn money for school but also grow tremendously as an individual. I found this and a lot more in the Varsity Internship Program. I would like to share this opportunity with as many students as possible, who like me, are looking for a way to earn money for school and to gain experience and skills needed to be successful in life.

Our Mission

The Varsity Internship Program’s mission is to develop “Service-Minded Leaders.”  The organizational goals can be summarized by the acronym – LIFE:  Leadership, Independence, Financial growth, and Excellence. These goals are what attracted me to the program.

I am approaching my third summer in Varsity. Along with over 10,000 alumni since 1970, I can now testify that although the money I’ve earned is tremendous, the principles of successful living that I have been exposed to will last a lifetime. I am developing independence, discipline, and vital communication skills, which I could not learn in a classroom. After my first summer, I was taught how to prospect, recruit, interview, train, and lead first-year students on the field the next summer. These leadership and people skills have helped me to stand head and shoulders above other graduates.

Although I am not majoring in sales, I have gained much confidence in dealing with people by selling myself and my ideas to families all summer. I have also received invaluable lessons from visiting thousands of families and interacting with people from the mayor of the county to families existing on a monthly disability check. These opportunities opened my eyes to real-life people in real-life situations and gave me the opportunity to practice relating to people from every walk of life.

Internship Details

The Varsity program is a fourteen-week summer internship. We relocate to various parts of the United States where we rent from private residents, usually a church family. After obtaining housing, we begin selling the Bible In Stories by getting referrals as we canvass neighborhoods. We are paid strictly on commission based on our total sales. However, we are some of the highest paid college students in the country. Average earnings per summer are at least $4,000 - 1st summer; $8,000 – 2nd; $12,000 – 3rd; and $16,000 – the 4th. During my first summer I earned a little over $10,000, and this past summer I earned a little over $15,000.

Long-Term Benefits

Apart from the money and experience, the challenging work tested and increased my faith and had a great impact upon my walk with the Lord. I better understand now what it means to depend on the Lord for success. There are many opportunities to witness, give a word of encouragement, and share personal testimony with people of every imaginable religious, cultural, racial, and social background. Because we are sharing a Biblical tool with the families, we sometimes act as counselors to the people on whom we call. While I am being a help to them, they are also teaching me as I observe their lives. The internship is mainly a business internship, but for me and many other students, it is also a ministry.

Although the U.S. economy has been up and down, the Bible In Stories sales are higher than ever. Varsity believes that when people face recession, they return to the Bible and Bible products. The old adage is still true… “When times are good, people play; when times are bad, people pray.”

If You Are Interested…

The Varsity Internship Program offers up to three college credits and is available to any major. Most students pursue the program for the fun, money, professional training, and opportunity to build their resume. Varsity is currently recruiting students for the summer of 2010. The company is looking for hard-working students with good attitudes who are teachable and committed to being and developing “Service-Minded Leaders.” Any interested students, who feel they fit this description should contact me for more information. A student may also fill out the form on the website requesting an interview.  If a son or daughter, relative, or friend comes to mind, please pass along our information.

For more information contact: Jennifer Wills at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or at the office 423-727-7436. Visit website at


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