The left, by which I mean those who call themselves ‘progressives,’ have lately stepped over the line and come completely unhinged. The benign sounding ‘Purple Revolution,’ has taken on a more sinister and darker hue. What we have here is the development of a case study in how one can make depression your attitude of choice. Progressives simply cannot, and indeed, they refuse to even try to get over losing the 2016 election for President.

We have for some time suffered the antics of the useful idiots of the left, those incapable of thinking for themselves, who never rise above the emotional level of life. Do not ever mistake emotions as a better mechanism for decision making than thinking. Emotions are the first reactions to events after which one can then engage the brain and start thinking. Progressives make no attempt to go beyond the emotional level; they refuse any suggestion that thinking might improve their experience in daily living.


For example, in terms of political mentors, if Maxine Waters is your idea of a public servant, please seek professional help. ‘Mad Max’ Waters is the Congresswoman of a district in southern California on the fringes of Los Angeles where she does not live. While the district is one that the demographics call ‘poor,’ Mad Max lives in splendor in a multi-million dollar mansion miles outside the district she has been elected to represent. Because California is under the control of Democrats, who ruin everything they touch, Maxine Waters is allowed to live outside the district and nobody challenges her assertion that the mansion is merely a ‘second home.’

The left’s latest tactic in service to the Rules for Radicals (Alinsky) that serve as their organizing principles, is to harass people in public places. Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nelson, has drawn the ire of the loon brigade by supporting and implementing the Administration policy on our southern border. Secretary Nelson has been hounded out of a restaurant and kept awake at her home by people protesting her audacity to enforce the laws on the books. That policy was described by Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions recently as ‘zero tolerance.’

President Trump has issued an Executive Order (EO) that keeps families together while their attempt to illegally immigrate is litigated, as opposed to the Obama doctrine that separated children from their families. In spite of the documented facts that 1) Obama separated 72,410 children in a single year (’13) during his tenure, 2) Trump has stopped that practice, 3) the shrill voices of the left’s media allies still demonize Trump as if he started the whole mess. This is an example of what we correctly identify as ‘fake news.’

The Trump administration is trying to enforce the laws passed by a previously Democrat controlled Congress in 1997, when Democrat Bill Clinton was President. Obama further messed up the immigration situation by issuing an illegal EO that created DACA, even after he had said he knew he had no authority to do so.

The group who claimed credit for those mindless exhibitions of harassment in DC, self-identified as ‘Democratic Socialist.’ That is the latest title the Democrats are proclaiming as their own. Socialism is a failed model of government, period.

Others who have also been targeted by the left’s goon squad, are Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Assistant to the President Steve Miller. In addition, the AG of Florida, Pam Biondi, has also been harassed in a public place, in her case while attempting to go to the movies. Apparently school is out and the summer jobs progressive students want most are those that pay for protesting…curtesy of George Soros.

The fifth Rule for Radicals is, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counter attack ridicule.” The current embellishment of that nugget is what the left calls ‘virtue signaling,’ which is faux outrage. The left also frequently employs what is known as ‘projection,’ simply put it means to accuse your adversary of the very behavior you are fond of doing. So the left calls Trump and his supporters ‘fascist,’ but it’s clear which side is actually using tactics that would make a Nazi proud.

The eighth Rule for Radicals is, “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions….” The goal of Alinsky’s rules is to keep constant pressure on the opposition. Remember, Rules for Radicals is the progressive Bible.

Progressivism is a mental disease; those infected are unhinged and problematic for America.

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