Take a deep breath and calm down. This public service announcement is directed at all parties currently hyperventilating, for whatever the reason.

The recent affront to Congressman Trey Gowdy by the always ludicrous poser Adam Schiff D-Calif., calling him “one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse,” was over the line. Such comments shadow other, more bombastic and even more absurd comments by ‘Mad’ Max Waters, D-Calif, who called for outright violence against all Trump supporters. Those are members of Congress, Democrats mind you, elected by some obviously confused, if not disturbed, element of Americans. Here is a brief menu of some other issues offered by the Democrats, over which you are expected to become hysterical.

So, it’s in the streets of America, where the socialist/progressive/democrats hope to convince you to vote their way in November. It’s a badly flawed and certainly short sighted tactic that uses violence as a means of persuasion. But Democrats have never exhibited a penchant for history or facts; rather, they use emotions exclusively as the basis for their arguments.

That lack of appreciation for facts is easy to analyze…the facts don’t go their way, so they try and ignore them.

Stay frosty America, November is almost here.

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