As a legally qualified absentee voter, I voted last week. The choice was easy and did not take a lot of thought. Under no circumstances could I vote for Hillary Clinton, an anti-American, mendacious, career politician who has become wealthy using government power and government offices to reward friends, punish opponents and avoid prosecution for alleged crimes.

Hillary has promised to stack the Supreme Court and other federal courts with liberal judges that will destroy the republic and eliminate freedom for Americans. That alone should be enough to cause any thinking voter to vote for another candidate. She has sent a clear signal that she will operate the Justice Department as a criminal enterprise advocating for the Clinton Administration and persecuting their political opponents.

Hillary would probably be more of a military Hawk than Obama. She does not like to be challenged and she “loathes the military” and would have no qualms about sending them into battle for any petty reason to be killed to enhance her image.

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The differences between the candidates for President have never been more clear. Hillary Clinton is defending the legacy of Barack Obama, attempting to avoid criminal charges, and also attempting to protect the Washington/Liberal political establishment that benefits both political parties and Wall Street money interests.

Donald Trump is appealing to the Americans who have been shut out of the political process in the past, because they have resisted becoming politically correct clinging to the Constitution of the United States and the teachings of the Holy Bible.
The Republican establishment is supporting Hillary because they can make a deal with her and the Wall Street Bankers. The leaders of both houses of Congress are not supporting Trump, which translates into support for Clinton. These establishment Republicans fear Trump because, if elected, Trump will destroy their crooked and corrupt activities. They do not want to risk that happening. On Sunday night during the debate, Hillary stated that Trump should never be allowed to be in control of law enforcement too which Trump replied: “Yes, you would be in jail.”

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There are strong indications that the Clinton/Obama political machine intends to steal the presidential election through election fraud. They will be voting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in critical districts as well as convicted felons and duplicate voters. Anyone who interferes or accuses them of fraud will be accused of interfering in voting and possibly jailed. Suits filed against those committing election fraud will be decided after the election when the crooks will have already won the election. The winner will continue to own the FBI and the Department of Justice.
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The Obama Administration and their fellow advocates for more gun restrictions and dangerous gun free zones, have more blood on their hands after the massive slaughter in Orlando, Florida on the eve of celebration of our independence.

On Sunday morning we were awakened to the bone chilling news that more than one-hundred celebrants in a “Gay” night club in Orlando, Florida  had been mowed down by an American born Muslim armed with a rifle he had legally purchased a few days before.

The obvious terrorist attack was well planned and executed by a trained marksman who was employed by a security firm with sensitive government contracts, including security for nuclear weapons material.

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On the eve of the California Primary, Donald Trump already has enough delegates to be called the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee. He is clearly the anti-establishment candidate that was unintentionally created by the establishment, or at least, his campaign was made easier by the arrogant bullying tactics of establishment Republicans and aggressive young RINOs seeking political favor with the establishment.

The situation in each state was obviously somewhat different; however, the outcome was the same. Donald Trump used the establishment plan to steam-roll and ultimately defeat the establishment and their candidates.

The Establishment party hacks’ manipulation of the South Carolina Republican Party and the Greenville County Republican Party are classic examples of how the Establishment scheme was supposed to work.

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Everyone who puts on the uniform of the Armed Forces of the United States and takes the oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and serves honorably, sacrifices for his or her country should be honored appropriately.

On this Memorial Day, I remember three young military officers who served honorably in Vietnam and paid a price for their service.

An Army Quartermaster Corps Captain who was the S-4 Logistics officer on the staff of the Long Binh Post Commander became close friends with members of my staff. He had a wife and two small children and was on orders to return home the following week.

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Since 1971 when veterans made up 72 percent of the United States House of Representatives and 78 percent of the Senate, the numbers of veterans in Congress has dwindled. In the latest Congress, only 20 percent of Senators served in the military and only 18 percent of House members claimed military service.

Much of that decline is due to the all volunteer force and the shrinking number of veterans in the country as a whole. World War II veterans are almost gone and Korean and Vietnam War Veterans are aging.

Despite declining numbers of veterans in Congress in the past three decades, Rebecca Burgess, manager of the American Enterprise Institute’s Program on American Citizenship said their recent survey indicates that the “pipeline of potential veteran candidates for national office may be refilling.” Her survey found an increase of veterans seeking office at the state and local level. “I think it’s fair to think that we’ll see an increase in the number of veteran candidates at the federal level in coming years,” Burgess said. “For some, state offices are like getting your feet wet.”

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