The Islamic slaughter of more then 130 innocent people in Paris, Friday night, has Americans suddenly concerned about safety. We know from the days before Obama (BO) and extreme political correctness that it is the “truth that sets men free.” Therefore, if we are to have victory over and freedom from the various Islamic terrorist organizations, we must know the truth about who they are, what motivates them and their ultimate goals.

The origin of this conflict goes back to Genesis in the Old Testament. Abraham failed to obey God and fathered a son “Ishmael” by his wife’s maid. He was banished from the family when a legitimate son “Isaac” was born to Abraham and his wife Sarah. Ishmael became the father of the Muslims and Isaac the father of the Jews. There is much more to the story in the book of Genesis.

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What is wrong with the RNC? Are they ignorant, stupid or afraid of Hillary Clinton? Hillary had a notorious history before emails were in use and before Barack Obama named her his secretary of state. If the RNC were interested in assuring that Republicans regain the White House, they would be educating the American people on the jaded history and alleged crimes of Hillary Rhodham Clinton as recorded by the U.S. media.

We could begin with the fact that she was a student and admirer of sixties radical Sol Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer, and the guidebook for Barack Obama’s destruction of our constitutional republic.

As a young lawyer, Hillary was fired from the Congressional Watergate Committee staff for allegedly falsifying documents.

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The Republican Party’s arrogant scheme to select the 2016 GOP presidential candidate years ahead of the election and attempt to force the party electorate to like and support their choice has become a disaster. Their choice was Jeb Bush. Predictably, the electorate has rejected Bush three months before the first primary election, and the fallout is threatening to tear the party apart.

Unfortunately, Bush, who is a capable individual with some unpopular ideas, is the unintended victim of the RNC who intended to assure his nomination, but instead assured his demise.

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The United States of America is existing in a culture of lies. The Clinton political dynasty and the Obama Administration have proven that if you are good at lying and have the ability to punish those who challenge your lies, you can become a successful candidate for President of the United States. If elected you can use the full power of the United States Government to punish your real or potential adversaries. This is called tyranny.

The United States is on the verge of sanctioning a tyrannical government and many citizens have no idea that it is happening. In fact there are those who argue that we already have a tyrannical government and others who adamantly disagree. Sadly, the masses have no clue and some have no interest in being informed. 

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The Greenville Healthcare System is continuing to move ahead with plans to implement the restructuring of their system of governance as the Greenville County Legislative Delegation bickers about whether they have authority to give directions to the massive health care conglomerate that was previously considered property of Greenville County taxpayers.

The old Greenville General Hospital was owned by the city of Greenville. It was demolished and the county taxpayers spent $82 million to help build Greenville Memorial and satellite hospitals in Greer, Travelers Rest and Simpsonville. Greenville Memorial plus is now called the Greenville Healthcare System, as it builds elaborate facilities and acquires medical practices across Upstate South Carolina.

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Ignorance, misinformation and fear are hampering needed action on resettlement of refugees in Greenville County.

Refugees mixed with actual and potential terrorists are flooding Europe from Muslim countries. They are claiming to be refugees from Syria, however they are coming from several countries and the Europeans don’t know where they are from or who they are. They just know they can’t house and care for all of them.

President Obama has already publicly agreed to accept 100,000 of these mostly Muslim young males and place them throughout the nation. The United States Immigration services and law enforcement leaders have made it clear that they have no way of determining who these people are, yet they are already being brought into South Carolina and the Upstate.

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When asked why he robbed banks, a robber explained frankly, “because that is where the money is.”

Why do mass murderers choose schools to attack? It is because that is where large groups of unprotected potential innocent victims are.

Why do schools lock down when there is a crime committed in the area? It may be because criminals who fear being shot by police may be seeking safety in a gun free area.

Unless Greenville County Schools have a secret unannounced program that allows trained teachers and administrators inside schools to be armed, it is a matter of time before someone like the Oregon killer will target one of our schools and kill a classroom full of innocent students and teachers before a single resource officer or outside reaction force can react.

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