It was Franklin Roosevelt who said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He was attempting to move a nation from a severe economic depression into preparation for World War II, a war that the people did not want and would require a total national commitment.

Young Americans volunteered for military service by the thousands to serve their country without fear of the unknown ahead. The enemy was clearly defined and “demonized,” the objective was “destruction of the enemy and his will to fight concluding in total victory. Along with Allies, we ended the war victoriously.

For more than a decade the United States has been at war with “terrorists” that openly declared war on us. They all claim to be fighting for Islam and they are following the literal meaning of the Koran as they proceed to kill all individuals under their control who refuse to accept Islam and abide by the teachings of the Koran.

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The Obama Administration and Congress appear to be paralyzed  and stunned as the world around them is “spinning out of control.” The most vicious killers in several generations are rapidly seizing power and parts of nations in the Middle East and the South Pacific. They have gained influence in virtually every country in  Europe. We are also told that they have been placed in every important agency in the United States government.

The American people elected Republicans to control both Houses of Congress, however, they don’t seem to have the ability or the courage to take on the president who is going forward with his destructive agenda unchecked.

A large segment of the American electorate is ignorant and uneducated, although they may have college degrees. Many do not understand how nations and governments, including our own, operate and respond to events.

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I lost a longtime friend last week. He was laid to rest at historic Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, where he had been the organist for 29 years beginning in his youth. It is also where his parents and numerous ancestors found their final resting-place. Bill lived two very different lifestyles, transitioning from his rural youth to a senior business executive in adulthood. But Bill never forgot his roots and never really changed very much.

William Penn Morrow, Jr., was an only child and grew up in the “Dark Corner” of Greenville County near Gowansville.  His father was a surveyor and his mother a music teacher. One of his aunts living next door taught elementary school for more than 50 years. The elementary and high school he attended no longer exist. If he ever made less than an “A” no one knew it.

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The Republican Primaries to select the Republican candidate to go up against Hillary Clinton for president of the United States is just a little more than a year away. The Establishment or “Moderate” wing of the GOP is already working to assure that they have only one candidate to compete with a dozen or more “Conservative-Tea Party” types.

Hillary is the assumed Democrat candidate, but that is not a certainty. Mrs. Clinton, the former First Lady and Secretary of State, has serious alleged criminal charges pending that if pursued by the Congress and federal law enforcement will remove her from the contest.

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A large segment of the American people are demanding that the Republican controlled Congress stop President Obama from circumventing the Constitution of the United States and acting like a dictator with no constraints or checks and balances. The Republican led House and Senate are responding to abuse of power by the president with measured rhetoric and piecemeal legislation  that Obama has promised to veto.

So far, the Congress has lacked the courage to cut his personal budget or the budget of Obamacare or other unconstitutional programs.

Impeachment is the constitutional remedy for a president that is out of control and abusing his power. He is endangering the American people by giving aid and comfort to our sworn enemies. He is dismantling the best health care system and the most proficient military force the world has ever known. He is illegally misusing the employees of government agencies to punish his political enemies.

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Now is the time to stop the politically-correct revision of history to satisfy a few people with nothing better to do. Ben Tillman, Thomas Clemson and John C. Calhoun, were imperfect historical figures as were Abe Lincoln, Robert and Jack Kennedy, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover and Martin Luther King. However, they are historical figures none the less. Some people are offended by all of the above being honored. We must get over it and have the backbone to tell the troublemakers to find something worthwhile to do. It would be an insult to every Clemson graduate to change the name of Tillman Hall to anything else.

Clemson University has a proud history. In the early days it provided an opportunity for the children of poor rural families to obtain a quality education and advance the South Carolina Agricultural economy. The college trained leaders for national defense. More Officers trained and commissioned through the Clemson ROTC program led troops and served with distinction during World War II than from any other school, including the United States Military Academy.

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Now that Republicans have control of both houses of Congress, it is time to get down to the important business of defending the “Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It is also past time for the Congress to do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and freedom of the American people. This is their first duty.

The Constitution of the United States gives Congress and Congress alone the authority and power to declare war. During the Vietnam War, traitors such as Jane Fonda and Bill Ayers were not charged with crimes for aiding the enemy because the United States was not technically engaged in a declared war. Many of these individuals that cost American lives in Vietnam are in powerful government, academic, media and corporate positions of importance today.

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