The Republican members of the United States Senate face a test of their backbone soon when they vote on the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of the Army. The proposed Secretary of the Army is Eric Fanning, a well-known openly gay activist.

Fanning previously worked for the Air Force and failed to do anything to curb faith based persecution of servicemen like Master Sergeant Phillip Monk.

Fanning has spent the last several years lobbying for open transgenderism in the ranks of the United States Air Force, as Undersecretary and later as Defense Secretary Chief of Staff. His pro-gay efforts paid off when both of his bosses, Deborah Lee James and Ash Carter publicly supported his proposals, alleging that the “times have changed.”

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) arranged with liberal leftist Cable News Network (CNN) to host an event for all Republican presidential candidates at the Reagan Library in California last week. The poorly veiled goal of the “forum” was clearly understood to be to knock Donald Trump out of first place in the polls. The format was petty, spiteful and childish. The moderator tried hard to create feuds between Trump and the other candidates. Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and even Mike Huckabee resisted the encouragement to attack the front runner.

“Mr. Trump, you have been critical of Mrs. Fiorina’s appearance, tell her what you think of her appearance.” was the tone of the typical question. Trump overcompensated with something like: “She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face.” Then Rand Paul, who apparently thought he was being overlooked and shortchanged on television time, chimed in. He opined that it was inappropriate for Trump to criticize the personal appearance of ugly, fat and otherwise unattractive people. That was an opening that the witty Trump could not allow to go unnoticed.

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Dr. Ben Carson introduced the subject of religion into the presidential race last week by questioning the depth of faith of Donald Trump. Trump wisely did not take the bait and responded by questioning Carson’s energy level. Quickly, Carson apologized for his comment and said he did not want to enter “that arena.”

Religion of a sort is already in the race. Former Senator  Rick Santorum is a very devout Catholic and Mike Huckabee is a former Baptist preacher who abandoned that calling for politics and show business. On occasion, Huckabee also plays bass guitar with rock bands.

Most of the Republican and all of the Democrat candidates consider themselves too “elite” to be bothered with such a “private” matter as Christianity. After all, someone may become offended.

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Americans are horrified when they see televised images of radical Muslims destroying ancient Christian works of art and structures in Iraq and other far-away countries. At the same time, elected officials in this country are turning their backs and some are leading in the desecration and destruction of historic symbols and monuments as part of politically motivated mass hysteria known as Confederaphobia.

Recently Kenneth Neill of Unionville, Tennessee, expressed the feelings of many native Southerners in a letter to a national magazine.

“As I’ve watched the news recently since the tragedy in Charleston, the reaction and over-reaction by so many leave me wondering if this is what going insane feels like. We’re hearing ignorant, misinformed statements and downright lies concerning not only the battle flag but other symbols of our heritage as well.

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According to the Liberal Media, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is a strong contender for Vice President on the Republican Ticket. The first generation American whose parents came to this country from India was elected to her first term as a Tea Party candidate. Alaska Governor Sara Palin came to the Palmetto State and gave her the conservative nudge she needed to win the election. Once elected, she was quick to change her political alliances.

Haley walked away from her Tea Party supporters during the first term and picked up support from the main-line Republicans, big business and the Chamber of Commerce. . In her second term she has aligned herself more with the RINO wing of the National Republican Party that is said to favor Jeb Bush for President and will do whatever is necessary to destroy the campaign of  Donald Trump after Labor Day.  

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“Loose lips sink ships.” That was the slogan in World War II stressing the importance of safeguarding information that could be helpful to our enemies and harmful to Americans and our allies. The penalties for violating the secrecy laws and regulations were severe. People who violated these rules were sometimes charged with and  tried for treason.

There is mounting evidence that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and some of her closest friends and aides have committed crimes pertaining to the legal handling of classified information. This is one of the most serious offenses that a government official can commit.

A new report alleges that two emails containing classified information from two people on Hillary Clinton’s inner circle jump-started the FBI investigation into her use of a private email setup during her time as Secretary of State.

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While the American people are preoccupied with surviving under the Obama Administration, worrying about terrorism and the upcoming presidential election, our Constitutional Republic is being pushed closer and closer to becoming a “nation state” in a world government.

The government and power structure have been pushing our republic toward a world government for decades. The Carter, Clinton and two Bush administrations have quietly pushed the world government agenda along. It was slowed slightly by Reagan. Obama has accelerated the agenda and he will predictably do all he can to push a world government commitment beyond the “point of no return” before he leaves office in January 2017.

At least two generations of students have been brainwashed by public schools into thinking “globally.” Some students were even required or volunteered to sign up to become “world citizens.” This political brainwashing of children will continue under “Common Core” unless a new administration returns public schools to local control and an appropriate curriculum is adopted.

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