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A Bob Jones University intercollegiate computer programming team placed first in a regional virtual programming competition on Saturday, Jan. 23.

The programming contest associated with the annual Consortium for Computing Sciences-Southeastern Region (CCSC-SE) regional conference was hosted by the University of North Carolina at Asheville. 

Over 30 teams from seven states competed over a three-hour period. The winner was determined by the number of problems solved correctly. 

BJU fielded two teams (Team 1 and Team 2). BJU Team 1 placed first in the competition and BJU Team 2 finished sixth. 

The winning team was comprised of junior Erick Ross of Greenville, South Carolina; senior Steven Platt of Carmel, Indiana.; and senior Elias Watson of Clearwater, Florida. Teams from Mercer University rounded out the top three.

BJU has participated in the CCSC-SE programming contest since 2002. Contest management software (CMS) designed by BJU faculty and students has been used to manage the contest for approximately 15 years.

BJU is scheduled to host next year’s CCSC-SE contest on Jan. 29, 2022. 

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