Big circulation newspapers in upstate South Carolina do not reflect the political views of most upstate voting residents; or, even present a reasonably balanced view in opinions and news coverage about political issues.  They are basically Socialists!

Yet Upstate South Carolina is Conservative Republican! Our newspapers do not report or reflect this fact! In Oconee County the 2016 Presidential vote was: Trump 71.9% and Clinton 23.8%; Pickens: 73.9% Trump and Clinton 21.1%: Greenville 59.4% Trump and Clinton 34.7%; Cherokee: 69.7% Trump and Clinton 28%: Anderson 69.9% Trump and 26.2% Clinton; Abbeville: 62.9% Trump and 34.6% Clinton; Laurens: 63.3% Trump and 33.4% Clinton; Spartanburg: 63% Trump and 33% Clinton. These newspapers earnestly endeavor to present Donald Trump supporters, as Hillary Clinton basically called us, as “bigots” who should be ashamed to speak in public! But we are the people, we have spoken in the voting booth and we will speak in public! We don’t like upstate newspapers intentionally marginalize us or our views! Trump supporters you should speak out as you are in the overwhelming majority in the upstate! Take careful note of how your newspaper reports Republicans, especially President Trump!

These upstate newspapers have a Democratic Party “global socialist” agenda to peddle! How many are owned by “out of state” organizations? Check the ownership of yours! They put America on the “give away” level-redistribute the wealth from those who earned it and “give’ it to those that won’t! They will give America’s centuries old hard earned achievements to anyone-even those who try to steal it! Each news organization seems to discuss current issues within the confines of editorial meetings where all items published are carefully designed and edited to “influence” and “mold” public opinion-not to report the news!

Opinions designated as opinions on editorial pages are fair game for all!  After reading a few opinions presented, homegrown or guest, you know where upstate news organizations stand. That is the right of a free press! But respectable news organizations usually clearly designate “opinion” as opinion. If a news organization is bent toward socialism in opinion that is their right-tell it like you feel! If you are bent toward conservatism-tell it like you feel! But do it on the opinion pages! Don’t try to dumb down and deceive the public by claiming you are presenting a balanced “factual” view on the “news” pages when you are, if fact, presenting 1984 mind control! Read the book 1984!

“News” articles that involve every day events, economic policies, government policies and political figures should be straight news articles not mind molding opinion pieces designed sub silentio to influence political thinking! The agenda of some upstate news media is to present such “opinions” as “news” reporting but is edited anti-Trump and anti-Republican policies. Critically read all “news” for the “slant.” Watch the innuendo here and there! Watch the subtle “opinion facts” and “opinion conclusions” slipped in! 

Many upstate newspapers complain they have insufficient staff to investigate national and world news items. It is a somewhat valid complaint! But let us be realistic! If your “news items” and “opinion items” constantly come from The Boston GlobeThe Washington PostThe New York Times and the Associated Press-it is opinion orientated-and you are publishing socialist screed of the Liberal and Socialist Democratic Party in America! Unless there is a comprehension problem in reading, editors know it! It is easy to see! By the way Washington, D.C. and New York City are sanctuary cities and Boston has enacted some similar aspects. Boston has a proposal to become a full sanctuary city.  

Democrats are now storming the nation in preparation of presidential primaries promising some thing for every body and promising it will be free! Ignore promises-look at what Democrats have already given America! Except for the lawless sanctuary cities; the crime and poverty filled and mismanaged over populated big cities run by Democrats; the “back bone” of America wants Trump policies-not publicly glaring failed establishment Democratic Party Policies or even establishment Republican Party Policies! There are 300 festering sanctuary cities, generally operated and ruined by Democrats, which governments are in lawless mutiny against the people and laws of America and should soon be stripped of federal funding. The views of these cities are not America First! They arrogantly, willfully and “illegally” harbor illegal aliens and protect them from detection. Illegal aliens vote Democrat! These Democratic controlled cities produce unemployment, under funded pension plans, poverty, poor education systems, crime, high municipal taxes and populations dependent on government hand outs. Democrats have ruined “big cities” in America and they intend to advance the same bankrupt policies with the Federal Government! Do you think while arrogantly and openly defying federal law these Democratic Administrations care if illegal aliens vote? They encourage it! Some even openly advocate “illegal alien” voting for some local elections.

The people who voted for Trump know exactly what he has said and are very aware of his “policies.” Donald Trump is not “s..t in a silk stocking” (A marvelously accurate description given by Napoleon Bonaparte  of Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, a French Aristocrat, Nobleman, Prince, Bishop, Statesman, and Diplomat! Talleyrand had an uncanny, almost malevolent, ability to charm and serve in his own countries’ successive governments (no matter their contradictory politics from Louis XVI to Louise Philippe)before during and after the French Revolution; and, to manipulate  European governments, Church, Social Classes and Peoples while always really promoting himself alone behind the scenes! He would say and promise anything to anybody while always working behind the scenes for personal promotion. He prospered in his deceiving abilities until Napoleon, a coarse and to the point leader who preferred action to fawning words, “outed” him, but he even survived Bonaparte! The quote now describes politicians with similar cynical manipulative promises) promising something for nothing as are some national political leaders.  Trump is some times crude, but tells it like it is! National news organizations do their best to make his remarks even worse but “back bone” America likes what he is doing! We like his “twitters” more than media “reporting.” Twitters are to the point! Wall, immigration, crime, deportation and all! There can be little confusion on his politics.  His politics, unlike the media and Democrats, are “America and its citizens First.”

“Back bone” citizens and law abiding folks like all Trump policies-divisive or not; and, overwhelmingly voted that way! We don’t vote for charm, “sweet talk” or the outward appearance of “silk stocking” talking-just America first!

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