Back in January of 2019 this reporter send out an email to Clemson University as well as University of SC for more information on their LGBTQ programs they have in place.

Here is what was sent in the inquiry email to both colleges:

I saw this email listed as the one to contact for information on LGBTQ programs at (Clemson, USC)

I am a reporter for THE STANDARD, a newspaper based in Columbia, SC. I am writing an article about the LGBTQ programs offered at Clemson and would like some information to help me in writing the article. I hope you can help! If not, could you please point me in the right direction as to whom I need to contact?

Here are my questions:

  1. When did the LGBTQ program begin at Clemson?

  2. How many students have you served since the inception of this program?

  3. What types of programs do you offer students, faculty and staff to educate participants about the LGBTQ+ community/

  4. What has been your most successful outreach or activism program?

  5. What activities have taken place during National Coming Out Day or Pride Week?

  6. What future events are planned for the LGBTQ+ community in 2019 to bring awareness?

  7. Do your programs receive funding from the University's budget? And if so, how much do you receive?

  8. Tell me what is the most important thing you would like our readers to know about your LGBTQ+ program.

Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Johnnelle Raines

Reporter for THE STANDARD

Neither of the Universities responded to my email...crickets. I even called and left messages. No response back. What does no response mean to you?

I think it is outrageous that they declined to respond to a reporter's request for information. Are they hiding something they don't want the taxpayers to know about?

I decided to google “Best Colleges for LGBTQ Students in 2019”. Best Colleges partnered with “Campus Pride” to rank the top colleges in the country for LGBTQ students.

The web site can be found here:

Clemson University came up as the best college for SC for LGBTQ students. The link provided the following information:

South Carolina's Clemson University supports LGBTQ+ students through counseling and health programs. The university offers trans-inclusive trained counseling staff, LGBTQ+ inclusive and hormone replacement therapy. Clemson also offers LGBTQ+programs through its multicultural center, including ally training and National Coming Out Day Festival. Pride events at Clemson include a keynote address, a book discussion group, film screenings, and a queer scholarship showcase. Clemson's annual Lavender Graduation recognizes the achievements of LGBTQ+ graduates. LGBTQ+ individuals can join student organizations or participate in the LGBTQ+ alumni group after graduation. The university works with students to meet gender-inclusive on campus housing needs, including private rooms. Students can also participate in a roommate-matching service to identify LGBTQ+ friendly roommates. Clemson provides a list of gender inclusive restrooms on campus.”

USC did not get a mention on that “Best Colleges for LGBTQ” web page.

When I googled LGBTQ at University of SC this link below provided information on their LGBTQ + support programs.

The above link took me to the “Office of Multicultural Student Affairs” page entitled “Queer Connections: LGBTQ+ First Year Experience Programs” Under the “What We Do” section it states, “ Queer Connections is an event series geared toward LGBTQ+ students who are new to the University of South Carolina in order to cultivate a supportive space for them, we create opportunities for connections to be made with other LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff and address the challenges of college life from their unique perspective.”

It is troubling to me that a reporter cannot get a response from our tax supported major universities. After all I simply just asked a few questions about the LGBTQ programs. One would think they would be eager to get their message out in the newspaper. This no response should concern us all.

With our teachers' unions applauding the gay activist groups and rallying behind a disturbing agenda that makes Christian Conservatives seem evil, we need to be asking more questions. And what about our tax dollars? What are they being used for exactly?

It is clear through googling on the internet various news sources that there is a movement from the left to “queer” the public schools using our tax dollars. “Queer” the public schools is not my term but LGBTQ+ activists terms.

Taxpayers are always shocked when they are told that there are gay assembly programs, gay theatrical productions , LGBTQ+ clubs, Drag Queen Story Hours, secret counseling that takes place without parental permission, LGBTQ+ books being used at their tax supported public libraries and K-12 public schools as well as the colleges they send their children off to in order to be “educated.”

How did this happen you might ask. In my opinion their strategy was to paint the agenda as it was for "safety" and "suicide prevention." In the name of “helping” children most people will agree to anything.

Has the suicide rate decreased in the LBGTQ community as a result of these programs being allowed in our tax supported schools? I couldn't find a study that shows there has been a decrease in the suicide rate. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention web site the Suicide rates have been rising in nearly every state. CDCP reports, “In 2016 nearly 45,000 Americans age 10 and older died by suicide.

Could all this focus on the LGBTQ+ community to young children actually be causing more suicides?

Is the real goal of the LGBTQ+ activists to promote sexual deviant behavior in the minds of all our children?

Why aren't our legislators and public officials scrutinizing this agenda? Could it be they are intimidated by the LGBTQ+ movement and are afraid to challenge them and not get their vote for re-election?

Until taxpayers start demanding more answers to this agenda of the LGBTQ+ activists in our tax supported public schools and colleges, the legislators will continue to give your tax dollars to these social justice agendas in our schools which are anti-Christian and are actually doing more harm than good for our nation. Our nation is based on the love of God and biblical principles. This agenda is promoting anti-biblical principles.

Taxpayers must demand more accountability on how their tax dollars are being spent to undermine our great nation's youth. We must shine the light of day on these anti-Godly agendas and loudly and forcefully demand that public officials get rid of them.

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