True Patriots understand that Covid-19 was used as a propaganda instrument by the Marxist element on our shores.  While the loss of life for those who contracted the China-Flu is heartbreaking, and those who were stripped of their civil liberties by the stroke of the Executive Order pens seem unimaginable, undemocratic,  unconstitutional, and palpably disturbing, there may be light at the end of the Covid-10 indoctrination.  One word:  EDUCATION.

I believe that the leftists so “over-propagandized” the COVID-19 health issue that our educational system will be forever changed at its “core”.  Pun fully intended.  As a result, the COVID-19 health scare phenomenon has sent the American public running for safety in the confines of their homes, never to return.  Parents are deathly afraid (with a heightened sense of scrutiny) about the safety and welfare of their children.  Completely understandable.  Well, if we are to believe the “over-propagandized” theory of the devastating effects of the China-Flu, logic says that children should and must stay home.  What is good for the goose!  Well, true Patriots will once again be able to sniff out the “rats among us” knowing that they (the Marxists) will argue out of both sides of their mouths on this issue (protecting one’s child).

The public school system and the teachers’ unions across America stand ready to be stripped of their overbearing, intrusive, and pervasive government presence.  The degree of that “downsizing” will be fought between those on the side of School Choice and those who favor a more centrist and  uniform approach (Common Core) to raising our children for years and decades to come.  Game on.

The potential impact that our national health scare will have on decentralizing the totality of our educational system is wildly encouraging.  One can only envision the lasting impressions that such a change and undertaking will have on the American citizenry, to our good.  In the long term, this decentralization could potentially help move us away from the command and control of Common Core and all of the anti-American and anti-God sentiment that it spews, while fostering a more civic minded group of young people who love God, family, church, and country.  The current naiveté’ of public school students to the history of our American and Christian heritage has left a gaping hole in their perception and understanding about our American origins and our subsequent form of government (the perceived form of government and not the original intent form of government espoused by our Framers).  Let me give you an example of what the American educational origins looked like almost a century ago.

The Supreme Court of the U.S.A. (SCOTUS) in a majority opinion, Pierce v. Society of Sisters (268 U.S. 510 (1925) stated, “that all teachers shall be of good moral character and patriotic disposition, that certain studies plainly essential to good citizenship must be taught, and that nothing be taught which is manifestly inimical (tending to obstruct or harm) to the public welfare.”  Seems like a very compelling argument to me if we believe our forefathers who each expressed a blatant concern that virtue and religion are a vital part of our national identity—assuming we desire our Constitution to stand, that is.

The Supreme Court further defined their convictions on the School Choice issue by stating, “The fundamental theory of liberty upon which all governments in this Union repose excludes any general power of the state to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction from public teachers only.  The child is not the mere creature of the state; those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right, coupled with the high duty, to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.”

At a minimum, if this health scare reduces the level of indoctrination

from secular humanists, allows movement away from subjective reality thinking and toward objective reality thinking and absolute truth, while giving us a more independent (think for themselves), moral, and faith-based political class based on the decentralization of education, conservatives will have won a resounding victory in the long term.  Praise God!  Our children and our grandchildren may save us yet!

While we still have to reign-in the excesses of government control, the infringement of our civil liberties, and the  unwarranted and unwanted intrusion into our economic viability in the short term, over time, the potential School Choice “win” that we wee simmering and developing across our great state and nation will have lasting consequences toward a more conservative and God-fearing America!  Therefore, in a round-about way, I say thank you to the propagandized nature of COVID-19 and for the misstep, by opening this game-changing door.

Furthermore, if one believes, as I do, that one mist follow the money in order to determine the educational outcome, ESA accounts are likely to be the key battleground criterion  for the political, moral, and spiritual fight.  Arguably, if you control the money for education, you control the desired outcomes.  For example, we all know that there is a very good chance that ESA accounts can move from helping the underprivileged to a broader savings account application and still be considered constitutional.  There is a legal precedence to suggest that giving money directly to parents for the education of their child (whatever school choice decisions they make) is NOT a direct payment to a religious organization and is not considered either advancing or inhibiting religious establishment (Everson v. Board of  Education) because of its “general program” tax application.  It also seems to satisfy a logical argument that since a significant portion of our tax dollar goes to support education, that funding can be redirected back to the parents WITHOUT any strings attached.  If one wants to call it a tax refund, tax credit, or some other derivative form to remove any element of government interference  (strings attached), that would be fine with me as well.

Ultimately, I believe that it coils down to either a secular worldview consideration of educating our children or a sectarian worldview espousal.  Either way, you have a religious ingredient, as defined by the Supreme Court, i.e. Secular Humanism defined as a religion under the free exercise provision.

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