Greenville District 28 Councilman Fred Payne asserts that he is a hard working Republican.

He works hard behind closed doors. A conservative coalition of citizens from the Tea Party, Rino Hunt, Tax Payer Association and regular citizens attended the County Council meeting to oppose the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Transparent Fred Payne and his like-minded Councilman went into an executive session to avoid any further public witness to the decision making.  

Also the County Council schedules “public” meetings that are not publicized or held at hours not suitable for working citizens to avoid scrutiny.  Fred Payne thrives on a well-orchestrated planning session.

Incumbent Payne is a big proponent of government control over land.   Just like that UN agency ICLEI and its infamous Agenda 21 plan, central planning is much preferred over those outdated American concepts of letting free citizens pursue their goals in life.  Get all the land locked down so that private property rights for the next generation is just a concept.

The Greenville Taxpayers Association watched as Fred Payne and his like-minded Councilman voted for increases in 17 different taxes in one session. Fred Payne’s web site asserts he has conservative values and he builds win-win partnerships, also called insider deals. Conservatives oppose the government picking winners and losers in the free market.   We think tax cuts and less spending makes the environment fair for everyone. If you prefer the non-fiction section, try looking at the Harry web site.

While Fred Payne free spends tax dollars, he hates spending any of his hefty war chest to keep a real conservative challenger from ending his immense period of public service.

Will you vote in the June 8th primary for the guy with the biggest signs, or a Harry Kibler who is concerned about the overspending and lack of accountability in Greenville County. The candidates for District 28 are as different as Ronald Reagan is to Jimmy Carter. Harry is the one that knows the Constitution, not the Comprehensive Land Use Plan,  is the basis for good American government.


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