Retiring Congressman Trey Gowdy established some precedents in eight years as our representative.

Unfortunately, they were mostly negative.  For example, his statement, repeated on various occasions, that "the FBI is doing exactly what the citizenry would want it to do" is so off-base as to be an embarrassment to any knowledgeable follower of the WashDC establishment.  The FBI (leadership) has become as corrupt an element of the Deep State beyond anyone's imagination.

Secondly, Gowdy with his frequent guest-spots on FoxNews became a gifted author of the classic 'sound-bite.' Unfortunately, 'sound-bites' do not accomplish one's duty of legislation.  And, he further fell well short on his legislative responsibilities regarding the investigation (and what should have been the prosecution) of the Hillary/Benghazi issue. And finally, he was nowhere to be found regarding the (illegal) immigration issue, and accordingly has to be presumed to be a 'lackey' of the Chamber of Commerence, state and national, financially and politically.

The bottom line is, therefore, "Goodbye and Good Riddance, Mr. Gowdy.

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