Where is the relevance between the alleged sins of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from over 150 years ago to present day evangelism as raised by a recent letter to the editor in a upstate newspaper? There is none, except attempted political linkage in the minds of Trump haters.  The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in an apology, recently spoke solely for itself in regretting deviating from Biblical Truth over 150 years ago and speaks solely for itself today!

The issue vividly points out the foolishness of listening to self appointed Biblical Teachers and not the Bible! They erred and taught others to err! The views of true evangelicals come from the Word of God not instructors at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary-if they conflict with Biblical teaching: nor, even the Southern Baptist Convention if any doctrinal statement conflicts with the Bible! What the Bible teaches today-it taught then! If the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is ashamed of their past, that is their business-though I can not see how they have any authority today to apologize for the apparently unchanged views of dead people! They certainly can not repent and neither can those they erroneously taught. Any who teach are personally responsible to their maker for their errors-then or now! No one today is responsible for their errors 150 years ago as bad as they were! There is no more real relevance here than a “black face” by a Virginia governor 25 years ago or alleged errors of a Supreme Court Justice 35 years ago. Who each is today is the issue, not what they were accused of decades ago!

The motive of the recent letter writer seems to be an unprovoked and aggressive broad political hack swipe to paint present evangelicals as evil “white supremacists” because they overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump in his secular policies. The writer   claims some 80+ percent of evangelicals support President Trump. I would have thought it would be higher! Perhaps the author of that letter has the same political motives, reasoning and credibility as Jussie Smollett in Chicago! Cross accusations now fly! Last year in Chicago there were some 3,000 people shot and hundreds died-men, women, and children! None received the constant Liberal News coverage, views of political hacks, or Hollywood opinions as this  simple assault cause!! We know why! We understand the hack political agenda’s from Hollywood and Politicians but the Liberal Media has become an organ to promote a political agenda-not news! Why jump on a simple assault case with no real injuries? The answer is it is not a “news” item but it is polarizing liberal political linkage fodder! Black (racist), Gay (home phobic), Rope (lynching), “MAGA” and Jussie’s hate of Donald Trump:-perfect to stir hate among Democrats for Trump supporters! Perhaps it was a future plot for Empire! The liberal “fake” news does not look for news just political hate linkage with Trump. As far as I know Donald Trump does not teach religion or hate and I have not heard Donald Trump speak against Jesus Christ as many do in this country! Speaking against Jesus Christ is the ultimate sin. Islam pointedly contradicts the Word of God speaking in Jesus Christ! The Koran is false! According to Democrats and liberal media in general, that makes me a bigoted homo Islamaphobic for simply telling the Biblical truth and offending Muslims! There must be some one billion Muslims, sadly, living in darkness! The issue is not skin but truth! Who is Jesus Christ and what did he do ALONE for man! The Bible and Koran dispute each other about Him! No one can be helped unless they are told the truth. To most truth is offensive!

The epithet “White Supremacists” is part of the Democratic Parties’ and Liberal Socialist Media in general, word games! Those who love, practice, and teach sin have always hated those who teach that sin is inherently destructive to individuals (and spiritually separates us from God) and that the destructive qualities of sin should be avoided on earth (evangelicals)! Neither Evangelicals, nor Trump, teach race discrimination or race inferiority or race supremacy! Nor does our guide-the Bible!

Additionally, if you believe people should work for a living and be helped only when they are absolutely unable to help themselves-and such help given by individuals and not given by governments from money (taxes) stolen from people governments don’t like; or, that a woman’s health is not at issue in every coldly calculated murder of an innocent pre-born human baby; or, that homo sexuality is actually destructive to individuals, families and a nation; that a country’s borders should be protected against illegal invasions of masses who want free benefits (do you leave your doors open day and night so folks can enter and get what they feel they need?); that “free love” (adultery-fornication) actually destroys individuals, families and societies; that law breakers should receive the secular penalty for their destructive acts (black or white) against innocents; and, these acts (sins) separate man spiritually from God,  you are also homo phobic, Islamaphobic, or other accusing epithets! Democrats have contrary views to evangelicals that they support and advocate-that is their right-but evangelicals have rights too and proudly advocate Jesus Christ as recorded in the Christian Bible!  I do not “hate” any one living in the above sins or others. I once stupidly lived a sin controlled life in some of them. My life was once a disgusting mess going in the wrong direction but grace in Jesus Christ changed that! I empathize with them for ignorant sins and hope they come to the truth in Jesus Christ. Sin can be forgiven by God and lives changed! But when people say God is wrong and their “sin” is “not sin”-there is a real problem for them! That is not merely sinful; it is evil to dispute the Word of God. Jesus’ earthly policies are the best for men on earth and His heavenly policy is the ONLY policy (the cross) to reconcile with God! We should pay heed to the teachings of God not the teachings of the Liberal News Media, Democratic Party; or, Islam!

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