The 'misunderstandings' and hypocrisies surrounding the Trump/Ukraine/phone call is incredulous.  The involvement of the MSM/Democrats/liberals/FoxNews is understandable:  they are all part of the sympathetic Deep State and continue to engage in their lieing, conniving, et al, and anything anti-Trump. 

As some/many of you know, the phrase "quid pro quo" is latin for "something for something."  It is NOT something negative, automatically.  It CAN be negative, as the above sources insist. 

Examples of 'qpq' are: 1) "the party needs your vote for this bill; we'll put your unrelated minor amendment in our bill in exchange for your voting for the bill." That happens every day, every bill--'something for something.'  2) Speaker Pelosi tells one of her democratic members, who opposes a (anti-gun, for example) bill, "You will vote for this bill or you will lose your committee memberships."  Again, 'something for something,' but highly ethically questionable, in my opinion. 3) Our State Department apparently operates on the basis of bribing many (if not all) countries with cash, in order to get their cooperation in (whatever) we are trying to accomplish in our foreign affairs related to that country. (Years ago, I heard the veteran State Dept. official David Gergen (beware of anyone who floats forever in the State Dept. for various Presidents!) comment, "That is how our State Department conducts 'foreign affairs,' in effect, with our money, getting their cooperation with (whatever) we need to accomplish!

The bottom line is, Pres. Trump was doing what every previous President has done, engaging in legitimate quid pro quo!! His problem was and is, is, he was attempting to find out just what illegal activities that predecessors Kerry, Clinton, Obama and Biden has done and were hiding. Period.

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