"We're the ones getting killed," as per Doc Rivers, NBA Coach of the LA Clippers. He is (acknowledged) an excellent NBA Coach as he is misinformed regarding 'white' (police) killing blacks. Hey Doc, here's some of what you don't know.

1) Jacob Blake was resisting arrest, had apparently just committed sexual assault, was tasered twice while resisting arrest, was on the ground and got up, and (now the video is rolling) he comes around the corner of the car and attempts to enter the car and looking for his knife which is known to be in the car, when he is shot. You can argue 'excessive' force, but you need to know the full story, which the leftist media, and the democratic/leftist political figures are denying you. He also had an outstanding warrant; and when are these thugs/trouble-makers going to stop resisting arrest?

2) Even worse is the information being withheld in the death of George Floyd, he of the 'knee on the neck' scenario. The political forces (ie, Atty. Gen. Ellison, others and the media) are with-holding significant audio/video, prior to the 8 minute 'knee on the neck' timeframe, that Floyd had overdosed on fentanyl to the extent of 11 (units) in his sytem (being 3 times the amount to produce death), said overdoes done significantly prior to the (public) tape released; that he had stated "I can't breath" several times; that he told police to tell his kids that he loved them; that he told police not to leave him; all of these statements are before the 'knee on the neck' timeframe; the point being that he knew that he was dying from the overdose! Further, the 'knee on the neck' was an accepted procedure to assist in breathing and had been used 235 times in the last 5 years w/o death. All of the above explains why Atty. Gen. Ellison only sought a second degree death charge, even then realizing the difficulty of said charge.

Hey Doc, it looks to me you ought to be concerned regarding 'black on black' crime/deaths, like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis; and how about the abortion/killing of black babies, being a huge percentage of said procedure; how about the killing of the five Dallas police officers a few years ago by ambush; how about the killing of retired St. Louis police Captain David Dorn just recently; and just a few days ago the senseless killing of the 5 year old white boy on his bicycle by his black neighbor. Sorry, Doc, ALL LIVES MATTER, not just Black lives.

Finally, Doc, just about the first thing these NBA and NFL (millionairs) do is buy their Moms a new home (ie, Moms only, few fathers to be found). And the next thing they are doing is the fathering of (no-fathers-to-be-found) babies. They are re-creating the same father-less kids and background so many of them came from! What is truly needed is a black-family-structure, which doesn't seem to be among the goals of the NBA/NFL/coaches/players/hierarchy. And it certainly is not in the goals of the marxist Black Lives Matter dogma.

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