President Trump should NEVER accede to the media/democrat/leftist cries to concede the election to Biden. Never!!

So, despite the demands from 'turncoat' FoxNews, go to Newsmax, OAN, et al if you need more data, which (fraud, felony) is becoming overwhelming. Did you hear that Rasmussen has polled that 75% Repubs, and 30% Demos, and 30% Independs feel the election is fraudulent/stolen? The cases of fraud, criminality, lying, computer programming, thuggery, etc are just endless (except on the MSM, to include Fox). In addition to the small (!) fraudulent issues (ie, small being 1,000, or 10,000, or 25,000 votes!!), the two major violations are: 1) the (Dominion, etc) programming illegal vote bombs of 100,000-450,000, in PA and who knows in MI, WI, NV, GA, AZ and possibly VA; as programmed per Trump's huge leads.

2) The flagrant denial of GOP poll watchers in virtually all the above states, by both denial of closeness to properly observe, and outright removal in the late hours, and the counting of votes with multiple processing of the same ballots!! (Recall the pictures of the Bush-Gore 2000 fiasco, the pictures showing GOP and Dem poll watchers together observing the 'hanging chads'!!)

Hey, can you believe Biden had 12-16 million more votes than Obama? Do you realize that the millions of illegal mail-in ballots HAD NO DOWN-VOTES FOR OTHER CONTESTS? (Which is why the GOP increased their House seats, and is totally out-of-character for any 'winning' Presidential contest.) We-America-can NOT wait for the 2022 congressional election, we-America-can NOT wait for the next 2024 Presidential election; this incredibly fraudulent, unconstitutional, unethical election process has to be corrected NOW.

We will, hopefully, soon find out whether the Supreme Court has any jurists of character. There is certainly none in the DOJ/FBI.

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