Flag Rally 4206

A rally of around 350 loyal patriots joined for the silent majority at Greenville County Square on Saturday, August 29th, 2020, at 11 a.m. to show their support for the US Flag. - Photo by Tony Dunn.

Flag Rally 6836

The flag rally was organized by Veritas Voice founder John McMakin. - Photo by Stuart McClure.

Flag Rally 4233

At the rally, local politicans presented Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis a resolution that was passed by the SC House of Representatives honoring him and the current Greenville Police Chief Howie Thompson for keeping recent protests from becoming riots. - Photo by Tony Dunn.

Flag Rally 4230

A 90+ year-old World War II veteran participant received a cake and huge applause from the audiance for his service to the nation. - Photo by Tony Dunn.

Flag Rally 4199

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