President Donald Trump and Governor Henry McMaster visited Charleston’s Boeing aircraft facility on February 17 for the new 787-10 Dreamliner  airplane debut.  Over 5,000 Boeing employees and VIPs attended the private event.  The latest improvements in design and technology are incorporated into this new Dreamliner model, famous for its advanced lightweight carbon fiber construction.  The most efficient jetliner ever, the 787-10 is 25% more efficient than similar-sized airplanes.  First introduced in 2011, the 787 has carried 148 million people and saved 13 billion pounds of fuel.  

The 787-10 will be built exclusively in Charleston, where almost 74% of the workers voted two days previously against unionization.  This plant has the highest rate of production ever for twin-aisle airplanes, with orders for 149 of the 787-10.  

Boeing VPs Joan Robinson-Berry and David Carbon thanked all those involved for their hard work on the new 787-10 in a private reception before the unveiling.  Ms. Robinson-Berry said the numerous technological developments made at the Charleston facility are only possible in the flexible atmosphere of the union-free environment.

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The U.S. (un)educational system has become increasingly secular in recent decades.  Many Christian education experts warned of this but were largely ignored while our schools continued to deteriorate.  Sadly, we are reaping what we sowed, having condemned children to our dysfunctional educational system.  While Christian criticism is rejected, mainstream analysis documents this dysfunction.  A January 2015 report, AMERICA’S SKILLS CHALLENGE: Millennials and the Future, by Educational Testing Service (ETS) (see:, delivers shocking proof of the inadequate education students receive at all levels.  ETS is a non-profit organization that tests over 50 million students worldwide, including the GRE graduate school entrance exam in America.  

This educational deterioration has been ongoing for decades.  The ETS report states: “In 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education...declared that the state of America’s education made it ‘a nation at risk.’...’[T]he educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people.’”  Furthermore, adult scores have declined in literacy since 1994 and in numeracy since 2003.

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Additional Announced Candidates: Rep. Tommy Pope, Rep. Ralph Norman, Tom Mullikin, Sheri Few and Kris Wampler

Chad Connelly has been a controversial figure in an issue of great importance to SC Republicans.

The smooth-talking politician who scuttled the efforts by the Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee that had financed a lawsuit to bring about closed party primaries in South Carolina has thrown his proverbial hat into the already crowded Fifth Congressional District Primary Race.  

The congressional seat is being vacated by Rep. Mick Mulvaney who is awaiting Senate confirmation as director of the Office of Management and Budget of the Trump Administration.

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Greenville County Council Finance Committee voted three to two to approve two fee increases to fund improved communications and road maintenance.

The new ordinance would add a fee to each real estate parcel of $14.95 annually to lease, purchase, lease-purchase, or maintain county-wide public safety telecommunications network infrastructure.

In addition, the road maintenance fee would be amended to increase the fee to $25 per vehicle annually.

Voting in favor of the fee increase were Butch Kirven, Bob Taylor and Xanthene Norris. Voting in opposition, Sid Cates and Willis Meadows.

The ordinance will go to the full council for consideration at the next scheduled meeting which is Tuesday, February 21 at 6 p.m. at County Square.

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Ashley Landess, President of the South Carolina Policy Council, was the featured guest speaker at the January luncheon meeting of the Greenville County Republican Women’s Club at the Poinsett Club.

Landess and her non-profit organization have become known for their exposure of fraud and corruption in state government, as well as shortcomings in the public education system.

The Policy Council accepts no government funds, is nonpartisan and is totally dependent on private donations to fund their research and daily operations.

Landess, a native of the Upstate, has earned a reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable individuals regarding the operations of state government and the abuse of power by key individuals.

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A group of Vietnam War veterans were the honored guests of Greenville area Vietnamese-Americans as they celebrated their traditional Lunar New Year in native dress. Hundreds of Vietnamese-American families reside in the Greenville area. Many of the older generation were members of the South-Vietnam Armed Forces who served as much as five years in Communist reeducation labor camps after the United States abandoned the war effort and Communist forces occupied the former democratic republic.
 Before escaping and eventually arriving in the United States, the now proud Americans learned firsthand what it was like to live in a Communist dictatorship.

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Bill Pray receives a Certificate and Medal of Merit Award from American Legion SC Dept. Commander Bob Schere.

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