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LANDRUM, SC – Glassy Mountain Fire Department (GMFD) officially places into community service its new 2016 Pierce Saber fire engine during an invocation and traditional ceremony historically known as a “push in” by department staff.  
The origin of pushing a fire truck into the station dates back to the time of horse drawn equipment.  Firefighters had to push the fire pumpers into the fire station because horses were incapable of backing in the equipment.  The new GMFD engine includes a 1250 GMP pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank with a compressed air foam system that will provide superior firefighting power over water alone. 

Chief Bob Staples, Glassy Mountain Fire Department, said, “We are very grateful to our community for their support.  Our new engine will allow us to better serve our communities for many years to come.  We believe it will greatly enhance our ability to combat fires and reduce property damage.”

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There were many special and exciting moments at the first meeting of the year for Winnie Davis 442 in Greenville, SC.  The meeting was held at the home of Chapter President Pamela Durham.  She opened the meeting with ritual and prayer, and then welcomed all members and visitors.  

The first action of the meeting was the installation of 2nd Vice President & Treasurer Dona Morgan of Taylors, who was absent from the May meeting in which the rest of the Chapter officers were installed.  The next item on the agenda was the presentation of new member and supplemental certificates.  

Dona Morgan of Taylors received certificates for the research on service of her ancestors John T. White, Marshall Frank Fowler and James L. Fowler.  Pamela Durham of Greenville received certificates for the research on service of her ancestors John Hamilton and John Ogletree.  Julia Barnes of Honea Path received certificates for the service of her ancestors Isaac Smith, Wesley Sexton, and Francis B. Davis.  Angela Gray of Honea Path received a certificate for research on her ancestor Richard Sentelle Osteen.  Rhonda “Ziggy” Spearman of Honea Path received a certificate for the service of her ancestor Micager Camp.  

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Trump Will Ensure that Every Veteran has the Choice to Seek Care at the VA or at a Private Service Provider of Their Own Choice.


On Monday July 11, Donald Trump announced his plan to reform the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Trump said we need to protect those who have served and protected us. “Veterans should come first in the country they fought to protect, and under the Trump Administration they will. We are going to fight for our military the way they have fought for us.”
Trump announced a ten-point plan to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs:

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State officials in Louisiana tried to deceive citizens last week by approving what amounts to, essentially, a glorified name change for the deeply unpopular Common Core education standards pushed by the Obama administration. Basically, policymakers rebranded the scheme as “Louisiana Standards,” while pretending that there had been some “revisions” to the widely loathed education-nationalization effort. However, according to experts and activists involved in the process, the politically toxic national education standards imposed on state governments with federal funding and pressure remain almost entirely intact in Louisiana, despite the new name. Similar scams by government officials have taken place in states across the country.  

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Talley-backer calls conservatives “ignorant” and “nuts”

Roebuck, SC – The Lee Bright for Senate campaign today called on Scott Talley to disavow the deeply offensive and highly inflammatory statements made by one of his main supporters, David McGraw. McCraw was caught on tape using foul language and rudely disparaging Republican conservatives who support a strict-construction of the United States and South Carolina Constitutions.

Last Wednesday, Talley formally and publicly accepted McCraw’s endorsement, and McCraw, by his own admission, met with Talley to coordinate their mutual goal of ousting leading conservative Lee Bright from the Senate.

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