Pay Attention to Sovereignty, Transparency, Constitutionality

There are several things I want you to pay attention to as you start another legislative year, Robert G. “Butch” Taylor instructed the Greenville County Legislative Delegation during their meeting on Monday evening.

The first is State Sovereignty to protect us from intrusion from the federal government.

The second is transparency. We want to see how our representatives vote. “It’s not that we don’t trust you. It’s that we want to know how you stand on issues”

Taylor said he has a lot of confidence in Henry Lamb whose articles appear from time to time in The Times Examiner. He is documentable, factual and believable.

Lamb advises to “ask every congressional candidate if they will co-sponsor, endorse and vote for the enumerated powers act, which requires the citation of constitutional authority for all proposed legislation.

“Any candidate who refused to make this commitment should be rejected”

All proposed legislation should pass three tests in order to be supported. “Is it constitutional? Is it necessary? Is it affordable?”

Taylor cautioned lawmakers regarding the National Water Restoration Act. In the past, the federal government only controlled navigable water ways, This act proposes to give them control over mud puddles and wet spots on the ground. It is unconstitutional and “It is raw police power and I don’t like it.”

Taylor cautioned members of the legislature to oppose any proposals for a constitutional convention. “It is very dangerous.”

Several judges lobbying for reappointment and lawyers seeking appointments as judges were in the audience. Senator David Thomas proposed to Chairman Fair that they be permitted to leave and not remain for the entire meeting that lasted approximately 90 minutes. All except one left the meeting.

Butch Taylor said he disagreed with that decision, and that the Judges should have stayed for the entire meeting to learn about what is going on.

Complementing the lawmakers on their hard work, although he does not always agree with them, Taylor concluded: “I commend you for what you do and hope you will have the strength to continue.”


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