Sheriff-Steve-LoftisGreenville County Sheriff Steve Loftis and Pickens County Sheriff David Stone have endorsed WaltWilkins, Republican candidate for 13th Circuit Solicitor.

“I’ve worked closely with Walt Wilkins and I trust him. I am impressed with his sense of ethics and the high standards of conduct he set for himself and everyone in the US Attorney’s office. As our next Solicitor, Walt will not play politics and there will be no favors, favorites or backroom deals. If you break the law Sheriff Stone and I are going to arrest you and Walt Wilkins will put you in jail,” said Sheriff Loftis.

“During his five years with the US Attorney’s office, Walt successfully prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases, involving violent crime, street gangs, narcotics and illegal immigration. Over the past 18 months, he also proved to be a skilled administrator, supervising a staff of 150 and managing a budget of $11 million.

“He has more experience – as a prosecutor and administrator – than any candidate for Solicitor I have seen  in my 40 years as Sheriff. Walt Wilkins won’t need on-the-job training. He will be a tough, no-nonsense  prosecutor ready to serve the people of Greenville and Pickens Counties on day one,” said Sheriff Stone.

Sheriff-David-Stone-2“I am honored and humbled to have the trust and support of two of the most experienced and respected law enforcement professionals in our state. Sheriff Loftis, Sheriff Stone and I agree on the importance of working together, pooling intelligence and resources to combat crime. They know that I will work closely with them and keep their deputies informed of changes in the law so they can make better arrests and, together, we can build stronger cases,” said Wilkins.

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