Groups With Common Goals Agree to Work Together to Elect Constitutional Conservatives to Public Office

Patrick Haddon, Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party and Harry Kibler, founder of “RINO Hunt” and spokesman for the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition publicly agreed to establish a means of working together to elect constitutional conservatives to public office during the meeting of the Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee, Monday night.

Haddon read a list of goals to which Kibler agreed. Chairman Haddon said he had met with coalition leaders Sunday to head off possible problems caused by a lack of clear communications and understanding. He invited coalition leaders to attend the Executive Committee meeting and gave each his direct telephone number for easy access.

One of the steps taken to improve communications will be the establishment of a liaison between the Greenville County Republican Party and the Tea Party Coalition and individual groups. The Tea Party activists and leaders will be welcome to join the Republican Party as individuals, if they so desire, but will retain their independence as an organization.

The groups will work closely together to make the Republican Party more conservative.

Members of the Tea Party Coalition, like many rank and file Republicans, are committed to electing conservatives and replacing office holders who campaign as conservative Republicans and vote for legislation without consideration of the constitutionality, financial cost, or impact on freedom of the citizens. Voting records will be recorded and published for constituents.

“We recognize that many of us in the liberty movement are new and need to learn a lot from political veterans like many of you,” Kibler said. “But what we may lack in wisdom and experience, we can provide in enthusiasm and sheer excitement. We believe we are more effective if we remain independent of political parties. We look forward to supporting each other in our common goals.”

Kibler’s remarks were greeted by an enthusiastic round of applause by the Executive Committee.

Haddon said the State Chairman supports what Greenville County is doing and that our overall objective is to move the Republican Party in a more conservative direction.

In other business, the Executive Committee approved a new mission statement for the County Party:

The Greenville County GOP will further Republican principles by encouraging all leaders and voters to be loyal to the Constitution, to obey the Rule of Law, to be respectful of the equal rights and opportunities for achievement of all, to inform all that government must be responsible and resourceful with minimal intrusion, freeing people to succeed, and to preserve America’s role as a trusted sovereign world leader.

Carl Clegg presented the new Greenville County Republican Party Website.


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