Palin: “America is Ready for Another Revolution”

Sarah-Palin-Gov-PicnicC-SPAN carried Sarah Palin’s address before the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville live to audiences around the world. The former Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate was given a rousing welcome by an audience of 1,100 in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel ballroom.

It was reported that as many as 120 media outlets from at least 8 nations covered the first event of its kind.

“I’m a big supporter of this movement and America is ready for another revolution,” Palin told about 600 well-mannered convention attendees and another 500 or more cheering fans added for the Palin appearance.

Palin disagreed with suggestions that the Tea Party movement needs a leader. “The tea party movement is not a top-down operation.” Palin told the audience, “It’s a ground-up call to action that is forcing both parties to change the way that they’re doing business.”

Crediting President Obama with creating the momentum behind the tea parties, Palin referred to the “Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda as leaving the nation less secure, deeper in debt and more submissive to big government.”

She said Americans deserve to know the truth about the threats we face. She was very critical of the Obama Administration’s substitution of the term “Overseas Contingency Operations for the more appropriate term “war.”

Palin said the administration can’t “spin its way out of the threat of terrorism. It’s one thing to call a pay raise a job created or saved, but quite another to call devastation that a homicide bomber can inflict as a ‘manmade disaster.’”

She noted that Obama spent a year reaching out to hostile regimes and dangerous dictators and apologizing for America.

“It’s time for more than just talk, Palin said. “We are just so tired of hearing the talk, talk, talk. We need a strong foreign policy and national defense. We need a foreign policy that distinguishes our friends from our enemies. We need a foreign policy that stands with the people, one that reflects both our values and our interests.”

She said lawmakers “must stop ignoring the Constitution and disregarding the principles of limited government. Americans want common-sense conservative solutions and a government that abides by the Constitution.” She added, “Washington has now replaced private responsibility with public irresponsibility.”

During a question and answer session, Gov. Palin was urged by the audience to become a candidate for president in 2012. During an interview by Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday, Palin declined to say she would not be a candidate for president.

She said any fee she received for addressing the Tea Party Convention would go back to the cause.

Sarah Palin traveled to Texas from Nashville to campaign for Gov. Perry. From there she will go to Arizona to appear on the campaign trail with Sen. McCain who chose her to be his running mate in 2008. McCain is being challenged by J. D. Hayworth, who is more conservative than McCain and has a lot of support from Tea Party groups and individuals. It is an awkward situation for Palin who is obviously fulfilling an obligation to her former running mate as a matter of courtesy.

The convention in Nashville was organized by Judson Phillips, who has the title of Tea Party National President, but has no authority beyond being a coordinator of events he organizes.

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