Mike Scruggs, Historian, noted author, Vietnam War Veteran and columnist for The Times Examiner has been elected chairman of the Henderson County, North Carolina Republican Party.

Mike has years of experience working with the Republican Party and was Chairman of the Horse Shoe Precinct at the time of his election as County Chairman.

In 1984 he was State Finance Director for Jesse Helms’ successful U. S. Senate campaign against Jim Hunt.

In 2007 he served on the Blue Ribbon Committee on Illegal Immigration appointed by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners.

Scruggs describes his political philosophy as: “rooted in my Christian faith and my patriotism and is thus conservative. I believe in limited, de-centralized, efficient, and fiscally responsible government. I believe in individual liberty, the right to life, free markets, and private property. I believe that a strong national defense, strong community values, and states rights are essential to the survival and prosperity of our Republic. I believe the Republican Party best serves these principles and the public good.

Mike Scruggs holds a BS degree from the University of Georgia, 1961; MBA degree from Stanford University, 1971. He is a decorated U. S. Air Force combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is author of 250 articles and two books: Lessons from the Vietnam War and The Un-Civil War. He was president of the North Carolina State University Humanities Foundation from 1982 to 1983. He is former chairman of the board, Westminster Christian School, Oak Mountain, Alabama.

His business experience includes operations analyst, financial analyst, manufacturing manager, personnel director, and stockbroker. Scruggs retired in 2005 from Smith Barney in Birmingham, Alabama, as First Vice President of Investments. He is currently a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker.

“I believe we are facing the most crucial election in the history of our country in 2012. Losing is unthinkable. Winning will require determined courage, astute political judgments, and tireless dedication at every level,” Scruggs said looking at the challenges ahead.


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