In lieu of a presidential debate, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump participated in separate televised town halls last week.  While the President navigated biased and hostile questions from NBC journalist Savannah Guthrie, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos let Biden dodge questions on past comments that were perceived racist and his stance on packing the Supreme Court. However, Biden made a huge swing to the left on an issue he promised to make a priority: allowing children to transition to the opposite gender.

Biden’s forty-seven-year political career has left a long trail of policy decisions; one that highlights his hypocrisy. He began as a strong proponent of traditional marriage and opposed the extreme agenda of the homosexual movement for decades. Early in his career, he wondered aloud the possible security threat of homosexuals in military or government positions. In 1994, he voted to pull federal funding from public schools who taught that homosexuals should be accepted in society. Two years later, he voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act which defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Fast-forward to 2020 when Biden is asked about transgender rights for minors at his town hall. Amidst his rambling, he said that he will “flat out change the law” to give her child the right to transition. This is not a compassionate stance. He is buying into the far-left agenda of offering experimental drugs to minors that can be irreversible and cause permanent sterilization. Family Research Council reports that 70-97.8% of biological males and 50-88% of biological females grow out of their gender dysphoria as they age. Those pushing this harmful agenda are completely denying science and statistics.

Additionally, this is a huge government overreach into our personal lives that strips the rights of parents having a say in their child’s healthcare and well-being. Numerous cases have come before courts across the world where parents are denied a voice once their child chooses to transition. A recent on-going case in Texas became a national story when Jeff Younger fought to keep his ex-wife from transitioning their seven-year-old son into a girl which would include a chemical castration. Judges have recently decided in the mother’s favor, but Younger is refusing to give up. This case shows the bleak reality of the battles that have been waged upon our families. If you are interested in following this story, visit the Save James Facebook page for frequent updates.

Eagle Forum is always coordinating with federal and state legislators to create laws protecting children and parents from this damaging agenda.  To learn more about transgenderism and how you can engage on this issue, visit our YouTube channel or website to hear from experts and those who have experienced transgenderism. Eagle Forum also has a book for purchase titled, Sex, Lies, and Children: Protecting the Vulnerable from Irreversible Harm.

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