COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Joe Biden says he will "restore transgender students' access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms." A random sample of 302 Coloradans broke more than 3:2 against his agenda. Biden voters and the non-religious supported, while Trump voters and the religious opposed his policy. The full report can be found at

The political divide on transgenders was huge: 87% of Trump voters said 'no' to transgender 'females' using female bathrooms; 65% of Biden voters gave their OK. 88% of Trump voters would also disallow transgenders to compete in women's sports; 51% of Biden voters would give the green light. The religious divide was large: 74% said they were religious, 26% had no religion. 89% of the 'very religious' (almost a third of the religious) said ‘no’ to bathroom or locker room use, while 50% of the Nones said 'let them in.'

87% of the very religious also believed only biological women should be allowed to compete in female sports, compared to 40% of the Nones.

Although there were no systematic age or educational level differences regarding whether transgenders should be considered disturbed or normal, the political and religious divides were stark: 6% of Biden voters vs. 59% of Trump voters said transgenders were 'disturbed;' 75% of Biden vs. 9% of Trump voters said they were 'normal;' 70% of the very religious vs. 17% of Nones said transgenders were disturbed; 8% of the very religious vs. 62% of Nones said 'normal.'

Although 40% of Independent voters expressed positive opinions about transgenders, half were not in favor of either letting transgender 'females' compete in women's sports or letting transgenders choose their bathrooms or locker rooms. Whether this disagreement with Biden's agenda propels a non-trifling percentage of Independents to vote instead for Donald Trump remains to be seen.

Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute, a Colorado Springs think-tank said: "Enforcing this psychologically-driven notion that pretending to be the opposite sex makes you 'real' and that it's society's responsibility to favor the desires of transgenders over the wishes of normal citizens is nuts. It violates both common sense and our Constitutional freedoms of association and speech to force society to pay for 'sex-change treatments' and to require those who believe in biological normalcy to join in pretending that transgender 'males' and 'females' are 'the same' as natural males and females."

SOURCE Family Research Institute

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