Each one of us can have a tremendous impact in our community by being politically active at the local level. A movement bubbles up from the ground and we should start the pot boiling.
Here is what YOU can do that will have an impact on the direction of our country. We need thousands of active and engaged citizens across America.

  1. Become a precinct committeeman. The power at the precinct level is the power to choose candidates and decide elections.

  2. Get to know your councilman and mayor personally. Make an appointment with your representative, compile a list of issues, and express yourself to the public servant. Your representative should represent YOU.

  3. Do the same at the state level: identify and call your state representative and state senator and make an appointment. Even if the representative is on the “other side”, it is very important for him to hear your concerns. He is elected to represent YOU. Most state legislatures are in session right now, so meet them now. Prepare a written list of the issues that you want to discuss.

  4. Election integrity is vital. Every state should require paper ballots, notarized signatures on all mail-in ballots, and no ballots accepted after the polls have closed. Implement in-person paper ballots, because they cannot be manipulated electronically or via the internet, and paper ballots can easily be recounted. Our signatures are verified with in-person voting, so signatures must be verified or notarized for voting by mail. Mail-in or absentee ballots must be requested and mailed back before the date of the election. Any un-manned ballot drop boxes must be banned. Do not blindly trust your election system, but verify that your vote will not be stolen at the next election by becoming a poll worker or election judge yourself. Seeing is believing.

  5. Vote in every single election, including dog-catcher.

  6. Verify your news sources as we are awash in fake news and misleading reporting. Eagle Forum,, and our monthly newsletter, Eagle Forum Report, offer more facts in fewer words!

  7. “Cancel Culture” must be cancelled itself. Our free speech depends on others having free speech. Defend the rights of all to express. Do not be intimidated by those who slur. Stand up and be heard because America needs our voice. Write letters to the editor, submit articles for any publication, and communicate respectfully with your neighbors. Do not let the threat of censorship silence you.

  8. Protest "reprogramming camps" for conservatives – or anyone - and attempts to rewrite history. The Left is trying to suppress opposition. Do Democrats today support President Roosevelt’s internment camps for Japanese Americans?

  9. Do not allow police to be defunded. Check budgets for your community, city, county, and state to ensure policing and that the taxpayer money is not redirected to “social workers”.

  10. Last year, many small businesses were destroyed as the government shut them down, while allowing their competitors – big businesses – to flourish and expand. Our government should stop kowtowing to big businesses and start representing the interests of mom-and-pop. 

I believe that America will survive implementation of the Leftist agenda of the next year – but ONLY IF WE STAND AND SPEAK OUT with real communication. Eagle Forum supports REASON, not treason.
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