Today marks President Biden's first month in office. One of the main interests we have at the Catholic League is tracking how various administrations handle the issue of human rights. Though it is very early in his first term, some things are becoming quite clear.

President Biden used his first day in office to discuss human rights. However, he did not speak to this issue in a broad manner; rather, he limited his discussion to the rights of homosexuals and transgender persons. This tells us a great deal about his priorities.

The following are indicative of Biden's fixation on the LGBT agenda:

In contrast to Biden's obsession with the rights of sexual minorities is his total disinterest in the rights of Christians. We researched his directives and executive orders on the human rights of Christians, especially abroad. We couldn't find any.

Yet there are multiple reports, issued by prominent human rights organizations, on Christian persecution throughout the world that have recently been released. In particular, the report by Open Doors, "2021 World Watch List," and Freedom House, "The Battle for China's Spirit," are rich with detail.

Here are some of their key findings:

[To read an excellent overview of Christian persecution abroad, written by our director of communications, Mike McDonald, click here.]

It is unsettling to read how Biden is handling the issue of human rights. Indeed, it raises several questions.

Why would our second Catholic president totally disregard the human rights abuses suffered by Christians abroad? He must know, or should know, that Christians are being slaughtered and unjustly imprisoned in record numbers—they are not the victims of mere discrimination in the workplace.

Why are the rights of LGBT people given preferential treatment over Christians and other people of faith? Catholics, evangelicals, Mormons, Muslims and observant Jews would love to know.

Just as disturbing is the determination of the Biden administration to impose radical secular Western values on parts of the world that do not share our libertine vision of sexuality.

Whatever happened to respect for diversity? Aren't we supposed to respect the cultural norms and values of other peoples? Why are we engaging in ideological imperialism, shoving our twisted ideas of sexuality down the throats of Africans, Asians, and Muslims?

Biden's selective interest in human rights is disturbing. It also suggests that the rights of Christians at home—such as the Little Sisters of the Poor—count less than the rights of males and females who are sexually confused. To put it mildly, our "devout Catholic" president has gotten off to a bad start on human rights.

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