What do the Equal Rights Amendment, the Equality Act, the For the People Act, the Violence Against Women Act, D.C. Statehood, partisan-immigration “reforms” and trillion-dollar spending have in common? The House of Representatives passed these bills with little to no Republican support. And the Senate wants to do the same! You are probably frustrated by this long list of bills. But the fight in creating a better nation for our kids is NOT over.

Thankfully, the country’s Founders created a system of checks and balances on the Federal government and put a lot of power into the hands of the state legislators. This year, a handful of states passed, or on their way to passing, vital legislation prohibiting men identifying as women from taking opportunities on girls’ sports teams. We’ve also seen state legislation banning “woke” critical race theory from being taught to the nation’s children in public schools. These wins show why it is so important to be involved in the lawmaking process in your state capitol! (If you are not involved in your local Eagle Forum chapter, you can contact your chapter here).

In this week’s episode of Engage with Eagle Forum, hosts Kirsten Hasler and Tabitha Walter interviewed Kayla Kessinger, a delegate in the West Virginia House of Delegates. Kessinger joined the statehouse in her early 20s and quickly rose in rank. She is currently the Assistant Majority Leader and helps lead legislative business.

The pro-life movement motivated Kessinger to get involved in politics. But, throughout her time in the West Virginia state house she has also fought for other conservative principles, like reforming education and advocating for small business! If you’re frustrated with the state of Washington, D.C. you want to listen to this episode. It will leave you with hope for the country’s future!

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