One reason for the enduring popularity of "The Sound of Music" is the compelling story of a family that escapes totalitarian rule when the father refuses to return to his command in the Austrian navy. The Von Trapps chose freedom over joining the oppressors.

Nov. 23rd, 2021, Austria has again chosen totalitarianism: nationwide home confinement for all and enforced medical treatment for all Austrians.

Other countries in Europe are looking at the Austrian model. The president of Piedmont, Italy, Alberto Cirio, said that "to protect citizens who got vaccinated, listened to science and did their public duty, measures should be focused on punishing the unvaccinated."

European history is replete with examples of rulers who used scapegoating as a tactic to keep control over the people. Rulers consolidate their power by painting a group of people as an "other" who threatens public safety. In the name of "security", many people go along with the new restrictions. Many people justify their blind obedience to the repressions by congratulating themselves for following the new rules and shunning anyone who questions authority. Students of European history remember that the blind obedience of Europeans to power-mad rulers resulted in the purposeful deaths of tens of millions of people.

Most Americans, including descendents of the Von Trapps, live in the United States because our ancestors rejected the crushing jackboot of authoritarianism. We must also reject the scapegoating of groups of people. Imprisoning healthy people did NOT stop the spread of a virus, so why are countries insisting on locking up the innocent again? Control. The power-mad tyrants will not stop until they control your movements, your health care, and your speech. Anyone who disagrees will have to be cleansed or purged.

Just watch how easily the authorities are convincing Americans to blame, slur, and scapegoat anyone who chooses to direct his own health care.


Anne Schlafly Cori is the daughter of Phyllis Schlafly and Chairman of Eagle Forum.
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