IMG_8079Denny’s on Wade Hampton was packed Friday night despite the sheets of cold rain blowing across the parking lot and no seats for at least two dozen attendees who stood around the walls and in the entrance. It was RINO Hunt meeting night, and despite the presidential  primary that would take place the following day, this group was focused on changing the South Carolina government, specifically the Senate. Four individuals announced their intentions of challenging incumbent Senators. Two are from Greenville County, one from Pickens and one from Senate

District 26 that includes part of Aiken, Lexington and Saluda Counties

Dee Dee Vaughters, vibrant South Carolina Policy Council Executive and wife of a physician announced that she intends to challenge Democrat State Senator Nikki Setzler, who has served more than 30 years in the South Carolina Senate since 1977.

Faced with a challenge by Vaughters, Setzler allegedly wanted to change parties, as has been the custom in the recent past, and become a RINO, but was reportedly rejected by the state GOP. Setzler has been a leading opponent of school choice and obstructionist for other conservative initiatives for decades.

Former State Representative Rex Rice announced that he will challenge Senator Larry Martin for the District 2 Senate seat in Pickens County. Martin has held office in the SC legislature since 1979.

In Greenville County, JimLee is challenging Senator

David Thomas for the District 8 seat in Greenville County. Thomas has served in the legislature since 1985. He was previously a member of Greenville City Council. Lee works as an industry consultant.

Christopher Sullivan has announced that he intends to seek election to Senate District 6 in Greenville County. The office is currently held by Sen. Mike Fair. Sullivan is a former national magazine editor and political consultant. He is past national commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Harry Kibler, founder of RINO Hunt, a growing organization  with chapters springing up from Anderson to Horry County, announced a goal of replacing at least 5 Senators in the November 2012 election whose voting record does not align with the Republican platform.

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