For months now we have been hearing from the Democrats that we need a comprehensive health care reform, that the American people want this and that it will save money.  Now we are hearing that it will actually reduce the deficit by some three-quarters of a trillion dollars over time...that period of time I'm not quite sure about, but having seen government in action I can guarantee it will not reduce the deficit.  Listening to the Senator's (Reid's) comments at the press briefing this afternoon I felt myself in the position that Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina succumbed to when he shouted "Liar" as the President spoke on the health care bill earlier.

Let's be honest.  The American people are trying their best to tell the Congress that they do not want this bill...especially at this time when the nation's economy is crumbling around them. Most Americans are reasonably comfortable with their current health insurance and do not want to see laws passed that will create change.  Some Americans are without health care insurance for various reasons but there are provisions in place for them to obtain the care they need if that need becomes essential.  Some simply think they do not need such coverage at their stage in life and want the right to chose not to have it.  Actually, under our Constitution there is no provision for the government to be involved in health care and to require people to obtain it by law is unconstitutional.  Not that what the Constitution has to say about any issue has been a consideration of our government for many years, even though every member of Congress must swear an  oath to uphold and defend that Constitution before taking office.  Maybe the citizenry should join forces and file suit against them for failing to live up to their oaths.  A few million people could perhaps raise sufficient funds to handle such a suit.

Let's face the truth.  The real purpose behind the rush to provide universal health care is part of an agenda to move our nation from a free Republic to a socialist state in which the government assumes total control over the citizenry.  After all, I think it was Joseph Stalin who called universal health care the crown jewel of the Communist State, or something to that effect. Otherwise why the great rush, when the public reaction is clear enough for even the doltish to understand?

And why the rush to have the federal treasury "bailout" the banks and industries that were too greedy to adhere to basic financial principles that would have avoided the need for any bailout?  Oh, but wasn't it actually the government that insisted on the banking industry making home loans to people who could not afford them?  And since banks were already well under federal control and could not refuse to make such loans without having their banking privileges revoked, maybe the government was just trying to protect its own interest there.  Perhaps they needed a crisis to accomplish an agenda and this was their way of generating just such a crisis.  Wasn't it Rahm Emanuel who commented that we should never let a good crisis go to waste?

Washington has long been working to consolidate a government that governs the people rather than serves them.  This seems to be an innate characteristic of governments.  Those in power somehow get the idea that they know better what the people need than the people themselves know.  And even though every Utopia ever tried has failed, they somehow convince themselves that they now have the answers.  They don't, of course, but it is we the people who will suffer for their ignorance.

As I have said before, we get the government we deserve.  There have been many warnings along the way that had we listened we could have avoided the current mess.  When we try to do God's work we always run into trouble.  Right now only the first shoe has fallen.  Wait until the other drops!

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