When I was a kid we used to play a game called "connect the dots."  Most of you have probably played the game...if all the dots are connected properly you end up with a picture that you will recognize, otherwise you just have a bunch of lines drawn in a meaningless pattern.  This little game became a catch-phrase to indicate that things were happening in a pattern and if you could properly figure out what was going on you would be able to predict where things were heading.  When you did you were said to have "connected the dots."

For many years now the dot connectors have been trying to connect events into a pattern that we could recognize, but most of us were so accustomed to seeing things with our own eyes and to relating things in familiar ways that we had difficulty accepting the picture that was taking shape before us.  Things like this happened elsewhere and to other people but not here in America and not to us.  Americans could not do those things and our leaders would never betray our trust.

About 20-25 years ago I became aware that things just were not exactly right.  I didn't know what the problem was or if it was really a problem.  But I kept watching and found that the people we had running our country were not doing a very good job of it and our culture was slipping away from the ideals I had grown up with and into something that did not feel right.  For a while, I attributed it to the normal "evolution" of a progressive society, but about fifteen years ago the picture started taking shape and I began to realize that the changes were not the result of natural growth, they were the result of purposeful manipulation by unseen hands.  Our leaders were being led or directed in ways that were detrimental to our nation's welfare.  Often they seemed to be in our best interest, but those apparent good times would only serve to postpone  and amplify the bad times ahead.

Still, I tried to find the source of our problems in externals.  I wanted to blame the United Nations for taking us down the wrong road.  One day, while I was speaking out against the U. N. to a visitor from abroad and telling him we needed to get out of the U. N. he responded with a comment that shocked me.  He said, "The United States is the U.N.”

If one really connects the dots, the pattern fits.  It was Woodrow Wilson who tried to establish the League of Nations following World War I.  He failed and the League failed.  We had to have World War II to bring about the second chance.  This time our government was very much involved in bringing the United Nations to life.  We provided a location for its headquarters and have provided the major financial support for its continued existence.  Any efforts in our Congress to withdraw have been ridiculed.  Our "statesmen" have been strong supporters of this organization whose goal has been one-world-socialist-government from the start.

The dots have been pretty well connected and only the true believers of Utopian possibilities are still rejecting the picture that is appearing.  Today our elected government is working diligently to bring our nation to its financial knees so that we will have to accept the proposition that the only way to survive is to give up our sovereignty, our Constitutional rights and join the New World Order.  No sensible person can possibly believe one can spend himself into prosperity.  This tells us that those in government who are spending borrowed money at a rate that far exceeds our ability to repay it are either not sensible people or they are knowingly complicit with the goal to destroy our financial system and the Republic that has been the envy of the world for nearly two and a half centuries.

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